Rankin Inlet Inuksuk, Nunavut

Rankin Inlet Inuksuk
Photo Courtesy Nunavut Tourism

The Inuksuk is a symbol with deep roots in the Inuit culture, a directional marker that signifies safety, hope and friendship. The word inuksuk means "something which acts for or performs the function of a person."  Rankin Inlet inuksuk is a classic example of this remarkable symbol. 

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Cecily Phelan

I am nominating the Inukshuk at Rankin Inlet because it meets all the criteria to be a Wonder of Canada. It is essentially Canadian as a creation of the Inuit people, our most northern Canadians. It is a spectacular human creation that seems to guard the Hamlet of Rankin and the surrounding Hudson's Bay.

Abdirizak Mohamed

Rankin Inlet has the biggest Inukshuk, which is majestically standing upright with its hands wide open giving you the impression that it wants to give you a big warm friendly hug just like the people of Rankin Inlet.

Frank Edison

My nomination is for a simple pile of rocks.  So simple that almost everyone has assembled one for the sole purpose of letting others know that someone has been there before them.  … This symbol, so Canadian, was adopted by Vancouver as the official logo for the 2010 Olympics and immediately became a point of distraction in that some thought it represented only a portion of the country.  In fact, it is almost impossible to travel any distance, on any highway in Canada without seeing an intentionally assembled pile of rocks. What better symbol to represent a country that is depicted around the world as one of the best places to live.  A true Canadian Wonder!

Rose Kuzina

The quintessential presence in the True North.  Person-made structures made out of nature, occupying areas most of us will never get to see.  There is nothing quite like them anywhere else.

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