No. 5 Road, British Columbia

No. 5 Road

We received hundreds of nominations that spoke to the spirit of multiculturalism and co-operation in Canada. Whether for a French Immersion school that preserved both official languages, the world’s longest unguarded border, an ultra cooperative merge lane on the Lions Gate Bridge, the diversity of Kensington Market or, as in this nomination, a strip of road in Richmond BC that represents the multi-faith community in that area, it’s clear that Canadians do mostly “just get along.”  Maybe this fact is a wonder in itself!

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Henry Au

I would like to nominate No. 5 Road in Richmond, spanning from Westminster HWY south to Steveston HWY. Why? Because on this 5 km stretch of road is located a multitude of different faith groups: Christian schools, a Jewish school, a Muslim school, a Sikh temple, a Buddhist temple, to just name a few. Where else in the world would you be able to experience so many individuals of different faiths coexisting in harmony with each other? In fact, students of the Jewish school engage in inter-mural sports with students of the Muslim school. Wow! What a stark contrast to what is happening in other parts of the world. To me, this is a wonder of Canada.

Brian de Amorim

Our multiculturalism, and in particular how we deal with it, is of worldwide admiration and awe, and an area where Canada, by far, outshines any other country on this planet. I have lived in a few countries, and sure, there are multiculturalism in other countries, but no other country on this planet get along as well and as respectfully with each other, as Canadians of all creeds.

Paul & Pat

In today's societies of displaced populations-refugees and immigration-, Canada is fostering an open and respectful-of-others national texture which could, with some refining and better institutional inclusion, become a symbol of what can be achieved in our multi-everything societies, a "monument" to the creation of "imaginaries of diversity" and a much-needed model for the world.

Terry Robert

It is by no means perfect as yet, and likely will never be, but we appear to have achieved a degree of harmony between cultures, races and religions that is unprecedented and should be the envy of the world…

Mya Myllykoski

Multiculturalism and the spirit of welcoming that Canadians have always been a part of the fabric of Canadian culture.  My immigrant family once moved to the United States for five years and upon returning to Canada, were welcomed at the border by a border guard who brought my father to tears with his warmth.  My father, an immigrant from Finland, never tired of telling the story of how the border guard came around the counter and said "welcome back home" when he returned from his stint working in the states.  Dad was a proud Canadian and always said that this spirit of welcoming immigrants and celebrating their unique contributions was a Canadianism that made this country strong.  If we listen, we can hear many stories from our immigrants that tell of how they were welcomed into this great land by others.  Our unique multicultural character, from our great native Canadians to our immigrants from all corners of the earth bring great gifts of tradition & heritage that make Canada a wonder to live in.

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