Mount Thor - Auyuittuq National Park, Nunavut

Mount Thor
Photo Courtesy Parks Canada

Mount Thor (Thor Peak) is a mountain in Auyuittuq National Park. You'll find it on Baffin Island, in Nunavut.  The mountain is the earth's greatest vertical drop at 1,250 metres with an average angle of 105 degrees.

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Jordan Stanley

Mount Thor in Auyuittuq National Park on Baffin Island.  Mt. Thor can claim the worlds greatest vertical drop of 1250 meters and is extremely impressive to look at.

Linda Denis

Auyuittuq National Park Nunavut.  Solitude, beauty, incredible forces of wind, ice and rock. Very special to be with an Inuit guide on the rough waters of the Fiords.

Daryl McIntyre

This huge granite spike, is easily the coolest, and/or meanest mountain looking in Canada, and few people outside of the hardcore mountain climbing circuit have even heard of it.  But to those who know, it more than lives up to its name. The west face of Mount Thor is a 1250m (4100ft) beyond-vertical drop, making it the largest purely vertical drop on earth.  It was attempted over 30 times before a team finally managed to scale it in 1985, taking 33 days to do so.

Robert Landy

It has peaks named after gods Thor and Asgard.  They protect the Owl river valley and the Penny Ice cap--the only remaining ice formation from the last Ice age covering its expanse--and they’re guarded by Fiords of incredible beauty at both ends.  I cannot think of a more magnificent representation of beauty and awe inspiring wilderness that is our Canada.

Graham McGowan

“The world's largest cliff-face, set in the stunning Auyuittuq National Park, against the backdrop of the Penney ice-cap.  Really a magnificent and awe-inspring chunk of rock in an area of important human, aboriginal history!

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