The Manitoba Legislative Building, Manitoba

The Manitoba Legislative Building
Photo Courtesy Travel Manitoba

Of all of Canada’s beautiful legislative buildings, this one is arguably the most architecturally fascinating. Why? It’s full of mysterious Masonic symbols (like something out of the Da Vinci Code), and it boasts 30 acres of lawns, formal gardens and statues. The building itself, built in the Beaux-Arts style, is made from Manitoba Tyndall limestone from the town of Garson. The stone has traces of fossils in it from the time this area was an inland sea. While the Legislative Building may be full of politicians, its most beloved resident is the Golden Boy statue by French sculptor Georges Gardet. Holding a torch on top of the Legislative dome, and flanked by two sphinxes, this bronze statue is covered with 23 ½ carat gold. He has become one of the best-known symbols of the province.

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Lyle Stansell

Look into the history of it....

Page Wiebe

The Manitoba legislature a truly inspiring building. It is one of the purest examples of neo-classical buildings in Canada. Just walking in its halls fills one with a sense of grandeur and power as befits a legislature. The building is a creative marvel. Its murals, architecture, and statues are works of art in themselves and deserve recognition. The building is very historic as one might imagine. It has a very special place in the collective culture of Manitoba, as it is a meeting place and major tourist attraction. It is featured prominently in nearly all Manitoba guidebooks. It also houses the renowned symbol of Manitoba, the Golden Boy. In short the Manitoba legislature is a marvelous piece of art and deserves a place as a wonder of Canada.

Frank Albo (author of The Hermetic Code)

Manitoba’s Solomon’s Temple…

M.F. Buch

The Golden Boy… A giant man that is completely made of gold foil. He sits on top of the legislature building in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He measures 17.2 feet tall.

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