The Library of Parliament, Ontario

The Library of Parliament

The Library of Parliament has been called "the most beautiful room in Canada".

The only part of the original Centre Block to survive the fire of 1916, the Library was saved by an employee - M. MacCormac - who closed the iron doors at the entrance of the building.

Built in the Victorian Gothic style (starting in 1859 and completed in 1876), its collection and services are used daily by Canadian Parliamentarians. Their work is done within the library's architecturally stunning surroundings, which include a parquet floor made of oak, cherry and walnut, and a beautiful lantern dome roof.  

The interior and exterior of the library, which is featured on the Canadian $10 bill, were extensively restored and upgraded between 2002-2006.

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Audio Nominations

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Peter Van de Kamer

A masterpiece of design. construction and especially woodcarving nonpareil. Awesome, unique, beautiful and Canadian.

Nancy Schiltroth

This magnificent building was built with such great attention to detail, encompassing facts and information from each province and territory.  It is a spectacular symbol of our country.  Of course this nomination is minus the politicians!

Sheldon Hancock

The Library of Parliament has incredible architecture, is steeped in history and sits literally at the centre of Canada's democracy.

Marc Rowan

nomination: library of parliament 

rationale: none needed

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