Hartland Covered Bridge, New Brunswick

Hartland Covered Bridge
Photo Courtesy Mike Grandmaison

There’s something very romantic about covered bridges. The 391 metre long Hartland Covered Bridge is the longest in the world. It was built by the Hartland Covered Bridge Company, which was formed in the late 1800’s by citizens on both sides of the St. John River. The bridge officially opened July 4th, 1901. A side walkway was added to the bridge in 1945, and on June 23rd 1980 the bridge was declared a National Historic Site. On September 15th, 1999, it was also declared a provincial historic site. This “wonder” nomination acknowledges the value in things that are, quite simply, well made. When it was built, the bridge was a major feat of engineering ingenuity. Today, the Hartland Covered Bridge stands as a beautiful monument to a quieter time.

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Ewan Trafford

They said it could not be done and with hope they spanned the St. John River to create a landmark that is known across the land.  This bridge built the culture of the area and connected Farmers and Merchants of their time.

I.M. Zombie

It’s the longest covered bridge in the world, and is simply a monument to Canadian engineering.

Carol Ann Bainbridge

This bridge, spanning the St. John River, is the longest covered bridge in the world.  As a child, on our annual treks to NB, I couldn't wait to see the bridge.  Years later, my sons were equally fascinated with 'the bridge'!

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