Grand Beach, Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba

Grand Beach, Lake Winnipeg

Less than an hour from Winnipeg, Grand Beach has been called one of Canada’s best beaches.

The beach has three kilometres of fine, white sand backed by 12-metre sand dunes on the edge of the town of Grand Marais in Grand Beach Provincial Park. Since the 1920s, the beach has been a regular destination for thousands of visitors in the summer. It sits on the eastern side of Lake Winnipeg, North America’s sixth largest freshwater lake. The lake and its surrounding beaches are a remnant of the prehistoric Glacial Lake Agassiz.

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Tim Dueck

Miles of the most amazing white sand on the pristine banks of Lake Winnipeg - stunning!

Justin Jefkins

Best beach in Canada... top 10 beach in the world... thousands of people gather every single day during summer to visit. whats better than that?

Bernice Pontanilla 

One of the most beautiful beaches in Canada, Grand Beach is truly an undiscovered treasure that we who live in southern Manitoba know very well. The white sand dunes beckon, and the even stretch of beach before the lake deepens makes it ideal for families with children, as they can play in the shallow waters. It is an unfortunate reality that this beach may have its days numbered, as the quality of the majestic Lake Winnipeg is worsening due to water pollution. By choosing Grand Beach as a seven wonder, it may help bring this issue to the forefront and push governments to finally act as good stewards of our bodies of water.

Sara Williscroft

Grand Beach has to be one of seven wonders because of its smooth, perfectly white sand.  I don't know of any other beach in Canada that rivals its combination of pure, soft white sand and beautiful weather. In a warm Manitoban summer, it attracts thousands of visitors from across the Canada and abroad. 

Scott Toews

Most Canadians know little about the southern shore of Lake Winnipeg known as Grand Beach. Then again, once people outside of Manitoba are told about the sprawling white sandy beaches the Ocean-esque feel of looking across such a vast body of water with seemingly no end, they just don't believe you! How could it be possible to for that to exist on the Prairies? A lake so vast and huge it ranks in the top 15 in the world and is larger than Lake Ontario! Well, it does exist and if the word ever got out to the rest of the country that this place is for real, Manitoba's Grand Beach would definately be viewed as one of Canada's 7 wonders.

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