Crooked Trees, Saskatchewan

Crooked Trees

Well, we always knew there was more to Saskatchewan than grain elevators and waving wheat. For one thing… there’s the crooked trees!

The trees, growing on a farm in The Thickwood Hills, northwest of Saskatoon, has become a hot spot for fans of the strange and unusual.

Essentially, the crooked trees are a grove of genetically mutated aspens, but the local folklore surrounding the origins of these trees is what makes them truly wondrous. For instance - one story posits the trees are a result of “alien urine.” This wonder offers us a chance to shed that “boring Canadian” image and go for something a little bit more… peculiar.

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Jean Wenhardt

… they're surrounded by normal aspens that grow boldly skyward in competition for sunlight. The crooked trees, on the other hand, feature branches that loop, twist and reach out in every direction. The effect is an eerie, even haunted appearance. Some people say they look like that weird forest in the Ichabod Crane movie, you know, with the Headless Horseman?

Moline Mistie

…right across the track in the same field is another grove of white poplar growing normally.  It is also only the white poplar that is affected.

Chelsea Reed

People from the University of Saskatchewan have visited the site to try and understand why the trees grow this way. There isn't a branch or base of a tree that is straight for more that a foot at a time. Oddly enough directly across the road the trees grow perfectly normal.

Corinne Delainey

They are an enigma. There is a feeling that overcomes you as you walk through the stand of aspen - it is indescribable!

Angeline Sebulsky

… an unimaginably eerie place, but an unforgettable one that fills you with curiosity.

Lorraine Preston

There is a short write-up along the boardwalk which explains that people have felt faint while walking through the trees and that cows never venture into this area.  The feeling within the stand is surely somewhat "eerie".

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