CN Tower, Ontario


The CN Tower is located in Toronto.  It's the world's tallest freestanding structure on land, standing 553.33 meters tall. It is considered the signature icon of the city, attracting more than two million international visitors annually.  In the past it was also recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's tallest building.  It was completed in 1976.

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Adrienne Adare

When I look up and see it, it always makes me smile. It is the last thing I see when I leave my city and the first sight to greet me when I return. I see it many times a day, from all over town. My dad even taught me to use it as a compass when I was very small.  It feels like an old friend in the sky that watches over us.  When I see it I know that I am home.

Tyler Banks

It's been the largest free-standing structure, the symbol of Canada's urban life, and a landmark of this nation. It's the one structure that is recognized as distinctly Canadian by all of those worldwide, and the subject of mass tourism. It's a building that all Canadians can take pride in and, most importantly, a definitive wonder of this nation!

Mark Lavallee

The CN tower was built to unite a nation and show that Canada can become a great power in the world. It took many people to unite and build the tallest free-standing building in the world a true monument and wonder of the free world.

Nick Hewko

Simple in design, solid in construction and awe inspiring.  On a clear day you can see it from 50 miles away and if you’re at the top you can see our neighbors in the U.S.  Great symbol of Toronto, Ontario and all of Canada.

Terry Haehnel

Tallest free standing structure in Canada. ‘Nuff said.   To dismiss the CN Tower is to dismiss American structures to Americans like the World Trade Center, Empire State Building or Sears Tower.

Todd Elliott

As a proud Canadian,  I would like to express my pride in one of our great "architectural wonders," the CN Tower.  As the world's tallest free-standing structure, it really puts Canada on the map in terms of architectural achievement.  I like to call it "the compass point of Canada."  A symbol of the importance of communication technology for a vast nation like Canada.

Brittany Ghent

My favourite place in Canada would be the CN tower because of the glass floor, the very top, and the elevators.  I like to see the very bottom of the ground from the glass floor.  And I like to jump to see if it will wobble.”

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