Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia

Cabot Trail
Photo Courtesy Mike Grandmaison

The beautiful Cabot Trail is a 950 Km trail through the Cape Breton Highlands. Named for famous explorer John Cabot, the Cabot Trail winds around the rocky splendour of Cape Breton’s northern shore, ascending to the incredible plateaus of Cape Breton Highlands National Park. The nominations for this “wonder” were particularly passionate.

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Audio Nominations

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Nancy Gillam – Truro NS

There is nothing that comes close to the scenery in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park, the mountains are beautiful but what makes it even more magestic is if you turn you see the wide-open Atlantic Ocean. The mountains meet the ocean and along with the sound of the surf, it is breathtaking. There are great walking trails, beautiful sandy beaches (Black Brook is one), kayaking, and an unlimited number of outside activities. The towns and fishing villages along its way are unique and picturesque such as Cheticamp, Neil's Harbour and Ingonish. The Cabot Trail winds in and out of the park and it is a breathtaking drive in the fall when the leaves are changing colours.

Gina Gouthro-Maharaj

My Nomination is most definitely the seventh wonder of the world, The Cabot Trail, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. The entire island has a masterpiece in every corner. There is a reason this place has been awarded " Most Beautiful Place to Visit' in many categories via several magazines and tourism venues.

It's not only the natural magestic beauty it offers,  it's a combination of the kindest people you'll ever meet, how they embrace their culture and the immense pride they hold to their land.  Yes, I am a Cape Bretoner, born, left, came home again to raise my family. There is no place else I would raise my children. My husband is a Trinidadian and has adapted to this island as if he was also born here. He loves the 'island friendliness' he had in the Carribeen but most of all he loves it for it's beauty. To experience our four seasons is a gift. This is our country's best kept secret! Everyone should know about it!!

Fred Gillis

In my humble opinion, the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton represents a true marriage of natural and man made beauty. In a trip around the trail you will experience rugged Highland mountains as they gently hug the Atlantic Ocean, quaint fishing villages nestled in out-of-the-way coves, world class golfing at the Highland Links, and the hospitality of Cape Bretoners wishing you 100,000 welcomes, (Ciad Mile Failte).  You can hike along man made trails and witness the beauty of a Moose in it's natural habitat or an Eagle while nesting or in flight. Over 400,000 visitors take the breathtaking drive annually. Cape Breton has been rated one of the best Island destinations in the world and this is in no small part to the Cabot Trail and all it has to offer as a "Wonder of Canada."

Brad MacDougall

Without a doubt, the Cabot Trail of Cape Breton Island is one of the Seven Wonders of Canada. I have spent the last 12 summers of my life fishing Snow Crab there off the coast of Pleasant Bay. The contrasts between the water and mountains are unrivaled Canada wide. The lush forest greenery, along with the abundance of wildlife, hiking trails, quaint fishing villages and winding landscapes makes it my pick for one of Canadas Seven Wonders. It's paradise on Earth on a mild autumn day.

David Shupe

Cape Breton Highlands (Cabot Trail) - It is 950 square kilometers of a special mix of northern and southern species of Acadian, Boreal and Taiga habitats/plants/animals not found anywhere else in Canada. It has mountains, lakes, steep cliffs on the West cost, rolling hills, gorges, valleys, beaches on the East coast, faults & deep river canyons, wildlife (including several species that are separated from the rest of their populations in North America), several dozen species of rare or threatened plants/animals, old growth forests of international importance, human history that goes back to the last Ice age and a view unlike no other.  It has everything!!!!

Carmel LeBlanc-Burns

My nomination is the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton, N.S.  It truly is a wonder of Canada -  natural beauty surrounds you with the crashing waves of the Atlantic ocean on one side and the majestic mountains on the other.  It travels through picturesque towns and villages and then gives way to the rugged wilderness.  At times the winding road seems to be perilously close to the cliff edge with jagged rocks and the ocean churning far below.  The smell of the salt air and feeling the spray of the ocean on your face is invigorating; the roar of the ocean is a sound like no other.  There are all kinds of wild life and if you're lucky you'll spot moose as you travel through the Highlands National Park or see whales splashing about in the ocean .  Gorgeous scenery, breathtaking twists and turns - Mother Nature outdid herself when it came to the Cabot Trail!!

Eric Moffitt sent this in:

Poem by Lillian Crewe Walsh

When the sun goes down in splendour
O’er Cape Breton’s purple hills,
And the robin sings in answer
To the plaintive whip-poor-wills,
The blessed hush of eventide
Descends o’er hill and dale
Like a heavenly benediction,
When it’s twilight on the Trail.

Cape Smoky’s winding stairway
Overlooks the rolling sea,
And the quiet Ingonishes
Lie in shelter ‘neath its lee;
The sullen Black Brook mutters
As it hurries through the vale,
And the deer drink from its waters
When it’s twilight on the Trail.

Beside the dark-gowned spruces
Glows the gorgeous maple tree,
The pride of all Canadian hearts
Wherever they may be.
The pale green ferns and goldenrod
He spreads o’er hill and dale -
There’s a little bit of heaven
Planted ‘round the Cabot Trail.

Fairest land in all Creation,
Dearest land ‘neath Heaven’s dome,
Cherished by her sons and daughters
In whatever clime they roam;
In their dreams, thy wandering children
See again thy hills and dales,
And their hearts come o’er the waters
When it’s twilight on the Trail.

When the sun goes down in splendour
O’er Cape Breton’s purple hills,
And the robin sings in answer
To the plaintive whip-poor-wills,
The blessed hush of eventide
Descends on hill and dale -
The Creator’s hand has lingered
To bless the Cabot Trail.

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