Sounds Like Canada

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Day 1: Will Ferguson, The Oracle of Canadianness

On the launch day of the search for the Seven Wonders of Canada, Shelagh Rogers and Mark Kelley look for direction and inspiration on their quest. The source: Will Ferguson - who Shelagh and Mark believe to be an oracle of Canadianness. But can he get over his love of manmade wonders?

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Day 2: The Dempster Highway

Right out of the gate, the nominations to The Seven Wonders of Canada quest came flooding in. One of the first among them was a boast that The Dempster Highway - and by extension Dawson City - would lead the list. Shelagh Rogers calls John Stein, mayor of Dawson City, to see if he can make the case.

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Day 3: Natural vs. Manmade Wonders

Early on in the nomination portion of the Seven Wonders quest, it became clear that the contest between natural and man-made wonders was a showdown of gargantuan proportions. For clarity's sake, Shelagh Rogers and Mark Kelley called out to nature photographer Freeman Patterson and Ian Chodikoff, editor of Canadian Architect magazine. But in true Canadian style - they insisted on finding common ground.

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Day 4: Nonosabasut Rock

As the contest gained speed, nominations - and nominators - began arriving in all shapes and sizes. Even pint-sizes. Shelagh Rogers calls out to Ms. Anne Warr's Grade 2 class in Grand Falls-Windsor, Nfld. Together they are pitching Nonosabasut Rock - a reminder of the lost Beothuk people.

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Day 5: Niagara Falls vs. The Bay of Fundy

It's one of the classic showdowns of the search for The Seven Wonders of Canada. And to fight the good fight, Shelagh Rogers and Mark Kelley call on high-school debaters Becky Puddicombe (Niagara) and Catherine Small (Fundy)to engage in a  wonder-off.

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Day 5: Northern Lights vs Prairie Skies

Another classic battle for the more ethereal wonder-lover. Displaced Prairie girl Connie Kaldor and Aurora Borealis expert Roger 'Starman' Woloshyn face off to see whose wonder is more inspiring.

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Day 6: Vegreville Egg

It may not be as wet as Niagara Falls or as tall as the Rocky Mountains - but the Vegreville egg has its share of supporters as well. Shelagh Rogers and Mark Kelley check in with three supporters of manmade, quirky wonders to see whether or not the Vegreville Egg, Sudbury's Big Nickel or Duncan's massive Hockey Stick and puck can go the distance.

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Day 7: The Origin of The Seven Wonders of Canada Project

From deep inside Sounds Like Canada's wondercave, home of the wonderline and the wonderteam, Shelagh Rogers speaks to the associate producer whose imagination gave birth to this project: Ian Clayton.

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