The Seven Wonders - Roadside Attractions

Some wonders are really wonderful – and some just make you wonder. The giant Ukranian Vegreville Egg made our shortlist of 52 – but there were plenty more roadside attractions where that came from. Such as:

The Wawa Goose

Don Charbonneau

… one of North America's most photographed landmarks… the four ton Wawa Goose which has been greeting travellers on the Lake Superior Coastline Trans Canada Highway since it's opening in 1960. The world famous Wawa Goose has been immortalized by Stompin'  Tom Connors (who would be my next choice as a Canadian Wonder) in his famous song "Little Wawa" ! I've heard pitches on Easter Eggs, Big Nickels, Hockey sticks and a Prairie Sky ...but if a poll were taken as to what is the most photographed of all of the above, the Wawa Goose without doubt would fly proudly honking it's humble victory greeting.… The Wawa Goose is as much part of the Canadian landscape as The Toronto Maple Leafs, Gordon Lighfoot, Stompin' Tom Connors, The Stanley Cup and CBC Radio and definitely deserves to be a Canadian Wonder.

Canada’s Largest Coke Can (Manitoba)

Julio Hadley

…this thing has gotta be atleast 100 ft. high.

The World’s Largest Teepee

Leslie Power

The Largest TeePee in the world will be unveiled this August in Cranberry Portage, Manitoba.  Be there!

Vinnie Gamblin

I think that it is such a great idea for a small community, especially in a location that fitts the idea. It is also a good way to bring tourist to the community and to help the growth of the town of Cranberry Portage. The Tee Pee will encourage the people to look back into our history, a wonderful idea!

The World’s Largest Fly-Fishing Rod

Andrew Tassie

…well its just the coolest thing .....EVER.

The Big Nickel

Matthew Rodrigues

The Big Nickel is a 9 metre replica of a 1951 Canadian nickel, located at the grounds of Dynamic Earth in Greater Sudbury, Ontario. It is listed in the Guinness Book of Records, as the world's largest coin. Where else but Canada would you find a gigantic nickel?

The Million Dollar Coin

M. Kelly

Newly minted all Canadian coin.  Largest and purest gold coin.  An engineering feat that also shows great artistry.

The Big Hockey Stick, Duncan BC

Kevin Bazett

I think this would be a good wonder because it is a great symbol of your Canadian spirit and considering it’s like the second largest in the world, I think it would be a very good wonder!!

The Orange Julep

Jill Goldberg

Well....the rationale should be obvious...where else could you find a large, orange shaped building serving orange drinks and hamburgers?? It's a Montreal landmark and a unique part of the skyline!