The Seven Wonders of Nova Scotia

Peggy's Cove

Rajiv Basu

Known as the idyllic fishing village, Peggy's Cove is one of most popular stops in Atlantic Canada. Set on rocky shores of the Atlantic, the lighthouse and village at Peggy's Cove are a photographer's paradise. Peggy's Cove is certainly one of Canada's wonders.

Annapolis Royal

Barry Cotnam

Together with Port Royal, the Annapolis Royal Region comprises the oldest continuous European settlement north of St. Augustine, Florida and was settled first by Samuel de Champlain and Pierre Dugua, Sieur de Monts in 1605.  Prior to that it was a community of the Mi'kmaq people.

Sable Island

Winston Ernst

About 40 years ago I worked with a seismic exploration operation off the coast of NS.  One of the areas we "explored" was the area around Sable Island. Having grown up in Lunenburg, I often heard stories about the fishing vessels that floundered on the sand bars of Sable.  On approaching the island I was amazed to see the masts and spars of some of these old ships still protruding above the water from the sand bars where the ships and the men on board died.  Few people will ever have the chance to see this, but it was an eye opener for me.  I was on board a chartered Norwegian ship at the time and the skipper became increasingly nervous as we approached the island - its reputation is well known.  When we finished our approach, the ship turned and FLED the area.  At the time there were people living on the island, along with many wild horses, visible from our close proximity.

Elizabeth LeFort’s Hooked Rugs

Ryan John Poirier

Elizabeth LeFort, an Acadian from Cheticamp who died in 2005 at the age of 91, made over 300 magnificent tapestries featuring pastoral scenes, portraits and more. She demonstrated her extraordinary talent in the difficult art of reproducing portraits in wool and has hooked the portraits of many celebrities: Jacqueline Kennedy, John Diefenbaker, Lester Pearson, Pierre Trudeau, Queen Elizabeth II, Dwight Eisenhower, John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Pope Pius XII, Pope John XXIII, Prince Charles, to name a few. Her art has graced Buckingham Palace, the White House and Vatican City in Rome. Always striving for more challenges, she completed a series of reproductions of religious paintings, including daVinci's "The Last Supper", and scenes from the life of Jesus. Two large original works depicting important events in the history of Canada and the United States leave no doubt as to her sense of design and her mastery of the craft. Because of her talent and modesty, she was admired by all. As testimony to this appreciation, an art gallery named after her opened in 1983 at Les Trois Pignons, in Cheticamp. Some of the most beautiful pieces of her collection have been on permanent exhibition at the gallery since its opening.

The Halifax Public Gardens

Pte. Curtis LeBlanc

The Public Gardens has been an icon in Halifax for over a century. Its beauty is unparalleled…. Even after being ripped apart by Hurricane Juan, The public Gardens has been restored and continues to amaze citizens and tourists alike. As I am now posted to New Brunswick with the Army, I still like to go home to Halifax quite a bit. I go out of my way to make sure I have some summer walks through this metropolitan sanctuary. It will be one of the first places I visit this summer upon completion of my current deployment in Afghanistan. Thanks for taking my nomination and I look forward to your results.

Oak Island (treasure)

Maureen Krauch

It has a priceless treasure (?) that even with the most advance technology in the world  has not been able to reach.  The treasure that was buried with a simple/yet complex design that some say Captain Cook and his crew were involved in. Will we ever know what is down there? truly a Nova Scotian/Canadian wonder don't ya think!

Fortress of  Louisbourg

David Bullis

Not only located in the most beautiful part of our country but just to walk around the reconstructed fort trying to picture what life was like there. Picturing the tall ships anchored in the harbour, the townspeople wandering the streets and the cold winter days. This is Canadian history at its best. My favorite spot in all of Canada.