More Wonders

When we launched our quest for the Seven Wonders of Canada, we knew it would be difficult to narrow the list to seven.  It was even more difficult than we'd anticipated. The number and passion of your nominations was overwhelming. As exciting and challenging as it's been to name Seven Wonders, more than anything we're buoyed by the dialogue this campaign has begun. On Sounds Like Canada and The National we plan to continue this conversation about our country over the coming months. In the meantime, we've compiled several alternate Canadian lists, inspired by your submissions.

Provincial and Territorial Wonders

We received many great nominations from each province and territory that didn’t make the shortlist, but are certainly worth a look. Here’s a sampling:

Other Weird and Wonderful Lists:

What are your seven wonders of Canada?

If you have a list of your own, let us know - and explain your choices.