Sept 11
One Year Later

Post Sept. 11 World Explored In Compelling Brand-New Documentaries
Airing On CBC Newsworld Every Night At 10 P.M. Et Starting September 1

In the days leading up to the daylong CBC News Special Remembering September 11, CBC Newsworld presents a compelling slate of brand-new high profile documentaries that focus on the reality of today's post Sept. 11 world. Starting Sunday, September 1, a documentary is broadcast every evening at 10 p.m. ET culminating in the world premiere of As the Towers Fell: Minute by Minute with the Journalists, a documentary specially commissioned by CBC News, airing on Tuesday, September 10 on both CBC Newsworld (8 p.m. ET) and CBC Television (8 p.m. local) repeated on CBC Newsworld at 1a.m. ET September 12.

Produced by veteran Canadian journalist Desmond Smith, As the Towers Fell is the dramatic, minute-by-minute account of the first 24 hours from journalists on the front lines and in front of the cameras in New York and around the globe.� The feature-length Canadian documentary brings an international perspective to the terror and consequences of the attack on World Trade Centre.� Describing the powerful images and struggling to make sense of the confusion of that first day, journalists including the CBC�s Peter Mansbridge and Michael Enright, Steve Evans the BBC reporter at Ground Zero, Al Jazeera correspondent Ghida Fakhry and CNN anchor Aaron Brown were the faces and voices of the tragedy for millions of viewers glued to their televisions throughout those first few hours. Looking back a year later at the broadcast images and reflecting on how the world is changed by these events the journalists continue to shed light on the tragedy and its impact.

Other Sept. 11-related programming on CBC Newsworld includes a special edition of Foreign Assignment Sunday, September 8 at 6:30 p.m. ET. Joe Schlesinger travels to New York and Washington to examine the effect that September 11 has had on the United States� position as the world�s most powerful country.

Sunday, Sept 1 --- 10 p.m. ET
Human Weapons explores the impact of suicide bombing as a tactic of terror.� From early suicide bombers in Beruit to Israel and the World Trade Centre attack in New York. (North American Premiere)

Monday, September 2 --- 10 p.m. ET
A Firefighter�s Story � An intimate portrayal of 3 NY firefighters struggling to rebuild their lives and continue the search for missing colleagues in the year following Sept. 11. It is also a critical
review of the mistakes the FDNY made. With exclusive access, British filmmaker Paul Berriff spends a year on the front line, alongside the NY firefighters he first encountered on Sept. 11. Berriff was shooting right at the base of the tower as it started to collapse... and was knocked unconscious by falling debris.

Tuesday, September --- 3 10 p.m. ET
By the BBC�s Panorama, Hunt for Bin Laden follows the trail of the terrorist mastermind who, it appears, has outwitted the military might of a super power. The doc asks whether the strategy pursued by the West in Afghanistan with its "War Against Terror" was the right one and will it yield Bin Laden?� Most importantly, if the U.S. cuts the head of Al-Qaeda, will the body survive? And what is next?

Wednesday, September 4 --- 10 p.m. ET
A Tale of Two Towers � A
detailed eyewitness accounts of the fateful morning inside the World Trade Centre.� Survivors tell of shock, horror, terror, and death. But, in the roller-coaster of that day, also of heroism, courage, and self-sacrifice. The only three survivors from the upper level of the impact sites describe escaping from the inferno and the last person out alive before the South Tower collapsed recounts their story. (North American Premiere)

Thursday, September 5 --- 10 p.m. ET
From Ground Zero to Ground Zero
follows Masuda Sultan, a 23-year-old Afghan/American woman living in Queens, New York, as she tries to make sense of the devastation in both New York City and Afghanistan. After the bombing started in Afghanistan, Sultan felt compelled to go back to her hometown Kandahar to see what had happened to her relatives. Accompanied by award-winning New York filmmaker Jon Alpert, she also travels to a Pakistani refugee camp and to the small village of Chowkar, where many of her relatives had fled for safety but ended up getting killed in an American raid. Sultan who supports America�s effort against terrorism wants to know why her family and other innocent people had to die.

Friday, September 6 --- 10 p.m. ET/10 p.m. PT
AmericaNow - Ralph Benmergui travels to the Unitsed States to see how Americans view life one year later. He starts in the small bedroom community of Coral Springs, Florida, where hijacker Mohammed Atta lived while he took flight training. Ralph then travels to Dearborn, Michigan where more than 30 percent of the town�s population is Arab American. On September 11th one of them was running for mayor. Benmergui speaks with candidate Abed Hammoud and other Muslim Americans about the challenge of being Arab-American in the post-9/11 United States. Benmergui winds up in Hollywood where some high-powered people in the film industry offered to help President Bush in the aftermath of September 11.

Saturday, September 7 --- 10 p.m. ET
The two-hour BBC doc
Here is New York is an extraordinary exhibition of photographs taken on and after September 11 by professionals, amateurs, kids, passers-by. They reflect the events and people caught up in 9/11. The show has become not just an exhibit of photojournalism, but a repository for story-telling about September 11.� Reggie Nadelson, the journalist who tells this story, knows it from the inside. A born New Yorker who lives a block from the exhibition�and half a mile from Ground Zero--she became a volunteer at the show itself along with dozens of others.

Sunday, September 8 --- 10 p.m. ET/10 p.m. PT
9/11-Stories From The City is a raw, visceral look at the events of 9/11 and the ensuing week, as seen through the eyes ofeveryday New Yorkers who documented it with their video cameras. The film documents the political clashes in public parks, spontaneous candlelight vigils, singing in the streets and the tireless volunteerism of the rescue efforts. The film features never-before-seen footage, from pedestrians trapped in nearby lobbies during the horrific twin collapses, to Bill Clinton�s visit with grieving families two days after the attack, to the shaky return of businessmen to Wall Street the following Monday. (North American Premiere)

Monday, September 9 --- 10 p.m. ET/10 p.m. PT
Network is an up-to-the minute account of what remains of the terror network that crafted the devastating plot to attack the World Trade Centre.� A global investigation into what happened to Al-Qaeda in the aftermath of allied attacks on Afghanistan - where they dispersed to � and what they are planning.� With chapters from Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Pakistan and Europe, this Channel 4 documentary is currently in production. (North American Premiere)

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Note: Each documentary except for As the Towers Fell is rebroadcast the following evening at 8 p.m. ET.
CBC marks the first anniversary of September 11th with a comprehensive array of programming on its Television, Radio and Internet services. The programming will have a Canadian point-of-view, examining not only the American and international repercussions, but also the Canadian perspective on the attacks and the events that followed them.