Sept 11
One Year Later


Marianne Keane reads a letter to her stepfather, Franco Lalama [Real Audio runs: 1:45]
Highlights of the day's commemorations [View gallery]
Roberta Bondar

[Real Video runs: 1:42]
June Callwood

[Real Video runs: 1:30]
Atom Egoyan

[Real Video runs: 2:10]
Knowlton Nash

[Real Video runs: 1:50]
  Nelofir Pazira


[Real Video runs: 2:14]

  Wayson Choi


[Real Audio runs: 4:03]

Tomson Highway

[Real Audio runs: 2:01]
Wayne Gretzky

[Real Audio runs: 1:58]
  Susan Aglukark

[Real Audio]
  Bruce Cockburn [Real Audio]
Canadian Victims � David Barkway

[Real Audio runs: 4:37]
Mike Pelletier

[Real Audio runs: 7:18]
Ken Basnicki

[Real Audio runs: 10:37]
Babies of 9/11 � Children born at the time of the terrorist attacks

[Real Audio runs: 8:04]
Voices of Gander, by CBC Radio's Mark Blackburn. The impact on Gander one year after it played host to stranded passengers

[Real Audio runs:� 11:26]

An excerpt from CBC TV's Peter Mansbridge's special documentary on how Ottawa reacted at the time of the attacks.

[Real Video runs: 20:00]

Michael Enright interviews New York firefighter John Cerillo, of Squad 18, about the loss of his friends on September 11, 2001

[Real Audio runs: 5:46]

CBC Radio's Shelagh Rogers talks to Doug Aikman, a volunteer fire department chaplain from St. Catharines who went to Ground Zero last September

[Real Audio runs: 7:39]

Shelagh Rogers talks to flight attendants Kulbir Pooni and Shauna Hordichuk about their experiences on September 11, 2001 on CBC Radio

[Real Audio runs: 4:28]

Michael Enright of CBC Radio talks to film maker Rick Burns about the past, present and future of lower Manhattan

[Real Audio runs: 2:57]

CBC Radio's Michael Enright talks to New York architect Mark Ginsberg, of New Visions, about rebuilding lower Manhattan.

[Real Audio runs: 5:37]
[New Visions web site]

On CBC Radio's As It Happens, Mary Lou Finlay talks to Sima Simar, president of the Afghanistan Human Rights Commission, about how the country has changed in the last year.

[Real Audio runs: 6:23]

CBC TV's Peter Mansbridge interviews U.S. National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice

[Real Video runs: 12:55]

Hawksley Workman Merry Christmas (I love you)

[Real Audio runs: 3:45]
[Artist's web site]

CBC TV's Steve Irwin reports on the New York ceremonies

[Real Video runs: 3:17]

Canadians remember at Ground Zero. Ioanna Roumeliotis reports for CBC TV

[Real Video runs: 3:13]

CBC TV's David Halton reports on the ceremonies at the Pentagon

[Real Video runs: 3:03]

Patrick Brown reports on Afghanistan one year later for CBC TV

[Real Video runs: 3:55]

The CBC's Don Murray assesses the Middle East situation one year later

[Real Video runs: 9:45]

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