Airport Security:
CBC Radio: Brad Clark reports for World Report on the impact of the airport security surcharge.
Real Audio Runs: 1:36
CBC Radio: Kelly Ryan reports for the World at Six on new security measures at small airports.
Real Audio Runs: 3:38
CBC Radio: Is security in the sky any better one year later? Brad Clark reports for the World at Six.
Real Audio Runs: 6:33

  Attack on Afghanistan:
CBC.CA: Target Terrorism: Indepth coverage of the war against terrorism

  Beyond Belief
CBC TV: Beyond Belief: The Fifth Estate profiles Ziad Jarrah, the presumed pilot of one of the hijacked planes. With excerpts of the cockpit conversation.

CBC Radio: Beyond Anthrax: On the World at Six, Greg Rasmussen reports on the threat of biowarfare.


Listen to the audio
Anthrax Part 1 Runs 11:42
Anthrax Part 2 Runs 12:13

  Canadian military
CBC.CA: A soldier's tour of duty in Afghanistan, by Lieutenant Kyle Strong.
CBC.CA: Canada's Casualties: Indepth coverage of the friendly-fire incident.

  Canada Reacts
CBC.CA: A changed world: A Saskatchewan teaching assistant's new reality. By Nell Arzab.
CBC.CA: Stranded passengers leave a lasting impression in Gander. By Barbara Jane Daken-Kent.

Read the story:
CBC.CA: Recovery and Resolve: Canadian values since September 11. The results of the Toronto Star/SRC-CBC/EKOS Poll.
Poll: 9/11 In Hindsight

CBC TV: Brian Stewart reports for The National.
Real Video Runs 12:40

  Canada-U.S. relations
CBC Radio: Too close? Ottawa and Washington's co-operation. Chris Hall reports for World Report
Real Audio Runs: 1:23

  Civil Rights
CBC Radio: In detention: Sandra Bartlett reports for the World at Six on what the attacks did to civil rights in the U.S.
Real Audio Runs 10:21

CBC.CA: In the wake of Septermber's terrorist attacks, the spirit of political dissent in the U.S. seems to have been dampened. A Web One Flash presentation

  Chas Lawther Documentary
CBC.CA: Actor, comic and writer Chas Lawther uses humour to explore the impact of the events of September 11 on friends and family. An ArtsCanada Flash production.
Flash: So.. What's The Punchline?

  Dead Modern
CBC.CA: Author Douglas Coupland talks about the cultural implications of September 11th with author David Beers and architect Arthur Erickson. A Flash 5 presentation.
Flash: Dead Modern

CBC Radio: Sandra Bartlett reports for the World at Six on Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and what's become of the expanding prison camp.
Real Audio Runs 8:36
CBC Radio: A B.C. man who was detained, but never charged, reflects on how his life was disrupted. Yvette Brend reports for the World at Six.
Real Audio Runs: 6:33
CBC TV: The National's Clifton Joseph profiles Canadian detainee Shakir Baloch.
Real Video 13:13

  Flight Schools
CBC Radio: Kelly Ryan reports for World Report on Florida's flight schools.
Real Audio Runs 1:21

  Identifying the missing
CBC Radio: Kelly Ryan reports of the huge job of identifying the missing.
Real Audio Runs: 4:25

  Kids and Sept 11
CBC Radio: A new curriculum for teaching peace to students. This Morning host Tina Srebotniak speaks with program founder Heather McTaggert.
Real Audio Runs: 7:13

Memorial Overload
CBC Radio: Mimi Tompkins reports for World at Six that many are asking whether all this is too much too soon.
Real Audio Runs 4:24

  WTC Memorial
CBC Radio: New Yorkers debate what kind of monument to erect at Ground Zero. Mimi Tompkins reports for The World This Weekend.
Real Audio Runs: 5:00

CBC.CA: Regina screenwriter and Muslim Zarqa Nawaz revives her career, on hold since September 11.
CBC.CA: Canadian Muslims assess the past year.
A 120
Flash: Muslims
CBC TV: On The National, David Halton examines the lives of three Muslim Americans and their families who've felt the wrath of their fellow citizens after September 11.
Real Video Runs: 16:33
CBC Radio: Sandra Bartlett reports for The World This Weekend about the government's refusal to talk about the harassment of Muslim and Arab Canadians.
Real Audio: Runs 4:28

  New York Rebuilds
CBC.CA: New York resident Erik Piepenburg's subway ride to recovery.
CBC.CA: Trauma team member Kelly McNaughton on the long road to recovery for witnesses and the people on the front lines of the rescue operation.
CBC Radio: New York struggles to rebuild its economy. Michael Colton reports for World At Six
Real Audio Runs: 6:22
CBC Radio: On World Report, Greg Rasmussen has the story of some who are struggling to put September 11 behind them.
Real Audio: Runs: 1:34
CBC.CA: One year later, CBC TV's Carol Off reports for The National on New Yorkers are rebuilding their city and their lives.

Watch the video:
[New York Stories Part 1 Runs: 16:31]

[New York Stories Part 2 Runs: 6:07]

CBC.CA: Documentary and musical tribute to Canadian victims by Adam Goddard. An ArtsCanada Flash 5 presentation

  Remembering the victims
CBC TV: Canadians and New Yorkers honour the policemen killed on September 11. Steve Erwin reports for CBC TV's Saturday Report.
Real Video Runs: 2:22
CBC TV: Doug Dirks talks to Erica Basnicki, whose father was killed in the attack, about a public memorial.
Real Video Runs 5:09
CBC TV: Canadians commemorate the victims of 9/11. Carolyn Dunn reports for Sunday Report.
Real Video Runs 2:35
CBC TV: A preview of a special tribute airing on Wednesday.
Real Video Runs 9:07
CBC Radio's Steve Puddicombe reports for the World at Six on families who want to know why communications failed during the attacks on the World Trade Center.
Real Audio Runs 1:48

Read the story:Unanswered Questions
CBC.CA: Objects left behind and the memories they hold. A Flash presentation.
CBC.CA: A tribute to the police officers who died on September 11. A WebOne presentation.
CBC.CA: Devastation, despair, hope, resolution. A photogallery of images since September 11. A Flash presentation

CBC Radio: The town of Shanksville, where UA flight 93 crashed, prepares to remember the dead. Kelly Ryan reports for CBC Radio's World Report.
Real Audio Runs 19:19

Flash: Shanksville's Story

  Sports Security
CBC Radio: Steve Futterman reports on changes to security at sporting events one year later, on The World This Weekend.
Real Audio Runs: 3:02

CBC TV: Joan Leishman reports for The National on a survivor's story one year later. Real Video.

Euro Brokers Investment Corporation Sept. 11 Relief Fund

Real Video Runs Part 120:19
Real Video Part 2 Runs 5:35

  Requiem 9/11
CBC TV: Artists respond with a production of Verdi's masterpiece. Ross Porter reports for The National.
Real Video Runs 15:08

  Terrorist Investigation
CBC Radio: Sandra Bartlett reports for World Report on the case of Nabil Al-Marabh.
Real Audio Runs 1:22
CBC Radio: On As It Happens, Mary Lou Finlay asks Magnus Ranstorp of the Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence for a progress report on the fight against terrorism.
Real Audio Runs 7:43
CBC Radio: On World Report, Kelly Ryan profiles a man who helped train one of the hijackers.
Real Audio Runs 1:16
CBC Radio: Frank Koller reports for The World This Weekend on cutting off the cash flow for terrorism.
Real Audio Runs 9:30

  U.S. Military
CBC TV: Adrianne Arsenault reports for The National on American's changing attitude towards its military.
Real Video 8:55

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