September 11
One Year Later
  "Even now, people are still grieving… They're better. But it's not over." Trauma team member Kelly McNaughton on the long road to recovery for witnesses and the people on the front lines of the rescue operation.

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[The Rescue Worker]

The shock, the solidarity and the struggle: The story told in pictures with excerpts from CBC discussion forums. A Flash slide show.


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Residents of Shanksville, Pennsylvania remember those who died when UA flight 93 crashed in their small town one year ago. A Web One Flash Presentation.

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[Shanksville's Story]

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Actor, comic and writer Chas Lawther uses humour to explore the impact of the events of September 11 on friends and family. In this "Stand-up Documentary," taped in front of a live audience, Chas delves into topics such as our addiction to CNN, the need to visit Ground Zero, and the seemliness of being paid to do a show on the topic. An ArtsCanada Flash 5 presentation.

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[So.. What Is The Punchline?]

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Author Douglas Coupland talks about the cultural implications of September 11th with author David Beers and architect Arthur Erickson. A Flash 5 presentation.

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[Dead Modern]

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Recovery and Resolve: Since September 11, Canadians have a greater sense of balance and life priorities but we are also sadder and more wary, according to a Toronto Star/SRC-CBC/EKOS Poll released Monday, September 9.

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[Poll: 9/11 In Hindsight]

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A year after the attacks of September 11, the economy of New York City is still reeling, mired in recession, with an unemployment rate close to eight per cent. Michael Colton reports for CBC Radio's World At Six.
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[New York Economy
Runs 6:22]

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