September 11
One Year Later
  "I'm praying that when the film comes out people will be ready to laugh with Muslims as people whose lives are riddled with the same complications of love and misunderstanding as everyone else." Regina screenwriter and Muslim Zarqa Nawaz revives her career, on hold since September 11.

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The twisted remains of the World Trade Center. Hungry people in a refugee camp. The story in pictures from around the world: A Flash photogallery.


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  Something happened to the Canada-US relationship after September 11. Ordinary Canadians responded to the tragedy the way neighbours do when their friends are in trouble. But Ottawa and Washington soon got down to business, co-operating on a number of issues. Now there are concerns that the bi-lateral relationship has become too close. Chris Hall of CBC Radio reports for World Report.
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Artists respond: Leading Canadian artists stage the first ever choreographed production of Verdi's masterpiece, Requiem. Ross Porter reports for CBC TV's The National.
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After September 11, Ali Adham Ahmaz of Burnaby, British Columbia was accused of helping a terrorist group and put in jail. In the end, he wasn't charged with anything. As Yvette Brend reports for the World at Six, Ahmaz says he'll never erase the memory being arrested in front of his children.
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