September 11
One Year Later
  "The events of 9/11 shattered the illusion that as a Canadian I am
somehow immune from fanatic militants. I visit the Silent Witnesses
Memorial and weep." Gander resident Barbara Jane Daken-Kent reflects on
how life has changed since her town helped stranded passengers a year

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[Gander resident]


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The twisted remains of the World Trade Center. Hungry people in a
refugee camp. The story in pictures from around the world: A Flash


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  Reflections: Ron DeFrancesco was in his office on the 84th floor of tower two when the second plane hit. Sixty-one of his co-workers were killed. CBC TV's Joan Leishman talked to him and his family about life as a survivor one year later, on The National.

Euro Brokers Investment Corporation Sept. 11 Relief Fund

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  [Survivor Part 1 Runs 20:19]
[Survivor Part 2 Runs 5:35]
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In the days after the 9/11 attacks, the American justice system rounded up hundreds of people, often in secret and under questionable authority. On the World at Six, CBC Radio's Sandra Bartlett reports on what the attacks did to civil rights in the U.S.
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[Detention Part 1 [Runs 10:21]

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How has the world changed since September 11? What about your daily life? Have your civil liberties been affected? Share your thoughts on these topics and more in our Discussion Forums.


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