September 11
One Year Later
  "Our students have developed a deeper global perspective and worry not only for their own safety, but also the fragility of the planet." Feeling vulnerable: A Saskatchewan schoolteacher assistant realizes the other side of the world isn't so far away after all. By Nell Arzab.

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The shock, the solidarity and the struggle: The story told in pictures with excerpts from CBC discussion forums. A Flash slide show.


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In the past year Canadian Muslims have faced fear, scrutiny, and
misrepresentation. It has also been a time to grow as a community and reaffirm beliefs in democracy, free speech, and social justice. A Flash 5 presentation.

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  Biological warfare and the new arms race: Five Americans died and 18 others got sick in October of last year, all from anthrax. Investigators still don't know who did it or why. Governments are now racing to protect people from a range of deadly diseases, including potentially horrific epidemics such as smallpox. CBC Radio's Greg Rasmussen reports for the World at Six on this new arms race.
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Anthrax Part 1 [Runs 11:42]
Anthrax Part 2 [Runs 12:13]
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  Some Canadians are calling for an official memorial to those who died in the collapse of the World Trade Center. So far the government has not announced any plans to do that. CBC Newsworld's Doug Dirks spoke to Erica Basnicki, whose father was killed that day.
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