September 11
One Year Later
  "Ralph never called back, and we never saw him again… We will miss this kid who brought us, and the many people he touched, so much joy. We have been lucky to have been able to share his young 34 years with him. And we hope that his memory will live on." Hans Gerhardt finds a way to remember his son. Read the story:
[Our Son]
  Twenty-four Canadians died in the attacks on the World Trade Center. In our special tribute section, families and friends talk about about their lives, their passions and their legacies. Their stories in pictures, audio and video clips. Read the story:
[In Loving Memory]
  Commemorations: Highlights of today's services.   View images:
[Today's Services]

  Left Behind: Objects left behind and the memories they hold. A Flash presentation.   Watch Flash Movie:
[Left Behind]

  Line of Duty: A tribute to the police officers who died on September 11. A WebOne presentation. Watch Flash Movie:
[Line of Duty]

Reflections: Devastation, despair, hope, resolution. A photogallery of images since September 11. A Flash presentation

Watch Flash Movie:

  View various other multimedia such as photos, and interactive maps of 9/11.  
Composer Adam Goddard fuses documentary and musical forms to create a commemorative tribute to Canadians who perished in the collapse of the Twin Towers. An ArtsCanada Flash 5 presentation.
  Watch Flash Movie:
cbc radio

One year later, CBC TV's Carol Off reports for The National on New Yorkers rebuilding their city and their lives.
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Watch the video:
[Part 1 Runs: 16:31]

[Part 2 Runs: 6:07]

cbc radio

For many of the survivors of the attacks, it has been a difficult year. On World Report, CBC Radio’s Greg Rasmussen has the story of some who are struggling to put September 11 behind them.
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Listen to the audio:
[Moving Forward Runs 1:37]

tv / radio program guide
  Highlights of Wednesday's coverage   [Highlights]
  TV Guide for September 11 related programs. (September 2 - 10)   [Review TV Guide]
  TV Guide for September 11 related programs. (September 11)   [Review TV September 11 Guide]
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  Radio Guide for September 11 related programs. (September 11)   [Review September 11 Radio Guide]
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