• Johnny Rose

    Johnny Rose

    [ Eugene Levy ] As the former CEO of the nation’s second-largest chain of video rental stores, Johnny feels right at home at the helm of the motel...
  • Moira Rose

    Moira Rose

    [ Catherine O’Hara ] The former star of a once-popular daytime soap opera, Moira carries herself with an often unwarranted confidence and poise...
  • David Rose

    David Rose

    [ Daniel Levy ] The self-described black sheep of the family, David continues to cope with his unexpected exile with trademark bitterness..
  • Alexis Rose

    Alexis Rose

    [ Annie Murphy ] A former socialite whose jet-setting life has ground to a halt, Alexis now finds herself reevaluating her priorities and coming to terms with her own shortcomings...
  • Stevie Budd

    Stevie Budd

    [ Emily Hampshire ] Stevie, the dry and sarcastic motel attendant, would prefer to spend her days goofing off with David instead of doing any real work...
  • Roland Schitt

    Roland Schitt

    [ Chris Elliott ] As the mayor of Schitt’s Creek, Roland is highly attuned to the nuances of local politics, although he’ll rarely lift a finger to institute any actual change...
  • Jocelyn Schitt

    Jocelyn Schitt

    [ Jennifer Robertson ] The wife of the mayor, Jocelyn wants only to please everyone, often at the expense of her own sanity. She’s a teacher at the high school...
  • Ted Mullens

    Ted Mullens

    [ Dustin Milligan ] Ted, the town vet, may have only just managed to get over his feelings for Alexis, but working together means things will never be easy...
  • Twyla Sands

    Twyla Sands

    [ Sarah Levy ] You'll most likely find Twyla behind the counter (or at your table) in Schitt's Creek's Café Tropical. Just don't ask about her family.
  • Patrick Brewer

    Patrick Brewer

    [ Noah Reid ] Thoughtful, practical, and business-savvy, Patrick perfectly complements David's creative energy...
  • Mutt Schitt

    Mutt Schitt

    [ Tim Rozon ] The formerly-estranged son of Roland and Jocelyn Schitt, and once the object of Alexis' affection, Mutt has taken off to harvest pine cones...