The Elder: there's more to being an Elder than being elder
June 29, June 30, July 2
It's one of the most revered roles in Aboriginal culture, so how does someone become an elder? Darrell sits down with several First Nations people who describe their role as unofficial life coaches. And if you've ever wondered the going price for first-hand wisdom, Darrell asks how are elders paid? And how much?

Housing: from teepees to trouble
July 6, 7, 9
While history books and movies have romanticized Aboriginal homes (think teepees and longhouses), the modern day reality is overcrowding and substandard living conditions. How did our home and native land turn into a place where we're struggling to secure one of the most basic human needs: shelter?

Storytellers: the evolution of
July 13, 14, 16
Do you remember the one about...? Storyteller Duncan Mercredi does. He joins Darrell along this journey into the past to see how today's storytellers have evolved and why our stories remain alive. Plus, why hip hop star Joey Stylez is considered a storyteller for today's Generation X-Box.

Two Spirited: being GLBT and Aboriginal
July 20, 21, 23
Ever hear someone being called an aagookwe? Nadle? Or how about winkte? Perhaps not in recent times, but what about Two Spirited? When it comes to Aboriginal gays, lesbians, and transgendered people in North America, their story departs from the mainstream gay community. Darrell Dennis dives into the conversation and gets the straight answers.

Missing and Murdered Women
July 27, 28, 30
Conservative estimates of the number of missing and murdered Aboriginal women in Canada are around 580, but some say there are as many as 3,000. So why is this issue mostly ignored by the general public? Are Canadians really that indifferent to our Indigenous population?

Hair: synonymous with the word "Indian"?
Aug 3, 4, 6
From the days of pre-contact right up to the Hollywood westerns, long hair has identified Aboriginal people right across North America. While it's effectively the most visual stereotype of our people, today wearing long hair symbolizes an ancient bond to tradition that hasn't been broken, even through the most violent acts of assimilation. Plus, it makes us look good.

Water: not a drop to spare
Aug 10, 11, 13
Clean drinking water is supposed to be available to everyone in Canada. But too often Aboriginal communities are under boil water advisories or lack the infrastructure to have clean water in the first place. So what can we do about our H2O woes?

Urban Natives: Aboriginals and the City
Aug 17, 18, 20
More than half of Canada's Aboriginal population lives in cities. And according to a recent study, many have no plans to return to their reserves. Why are we leaving the rez behind? And what else are we leaving behind when we go? And what is our role as Urban Indians?

Bad Romance: "us" and "them"
Aug 24, 25, 27
From its beginning, the relationship between First Nations and the federal government has been... well, rocky at best. What might have looked good on paper, never really materialized into a solid partnership. Will the Reds and the Feds ever work things out?

Everything you wanted to know about Native people but were afraid to ask
Aug 31, Sept 1, 3
At ReVision Quest we pride ourselves on clearing up misconceptions and stereotypes about Aboriginal people. This episode is dedicated to some of the questions we haven't answered yet, like "How do you get an Indian name?" or "Can you live on any reserve that you want?" And if you have a burning question you're too afraid to ask, send it our way revisionquest@cbc.ca