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Darrell on Water Woes

As I was listening to today's episode on water, I reflected on an article that I read in the LA Times the other day.  Los Angeles is the second largest city in the US and almost since its inception has not had enough water to sustain its population.  Heck, right next door in Nevada, they built cities in the middle of a desert and water flows through that state twenty four hours a day: fountains, golf courses, swimming pools... in a desert! 

In Canada, every major (and not so major) city and town has accessible clean drinking and bathing water.  Somehow, in all these places, the citizens are provided safe water and for the most part plumbing.  The powers that be make it work.  Sure, the amount of water that is wasted is a matter of opinion and debate but the point is, for the most part the water is clean.   Whenever there is news of contamination in water supplies throughout North America, usually the media jumps on it and outrage spreads across the country.  So it's not as if clean water is impossible to achieve in North America.  Yet, Native people have been living with unsafe drinking water almost since the government placed them on reserves.  And that was a very long time ago.  And nobody seems to know. 

I think that a lot of Canadians think of water problems as happening elsewhere in the world and while it is heartwarming that Canadians are quick to jump on relief efforts for third world countries, very few Canadians realize that those same problems exist right in their own backyard.  I think it stems from the very commonly held belief "that would never happen in Canada.  Canadians would never allow it."  Well it does, and we do. 

When we are told day in and day out that we are the world's leading possessor of sustainable resources, it's pretty easy to sit back and get comfy about our "limitless supply" of nature's goodness.  Hopefully, todays episode on water dispelled some of those myths as well as making people aware that for a large percentage of Native people in this country, unsafe water does occur in this country and 'yes' the government does allow it to happen and even tries to keep it hush- hush.

I want to applaud our newest producer Rick Harp for putting together a great episode and once again our senior producer Ruth Shead for making it all come together. 

Unfortunately on the show, due to time, some of the sketches and comedy bits have to be cut to fit into the half-hour time frame.  On this episode I wrote a sketch that didn't make it to air that took place at a band council meeting which is interrupted by Shaggy and Scooby- Doo.  I'd like to believe that it was cut due to time constraints but I have a feeling that it was probably just too weird to fit into the Revision Quest formula.  That's okay, my comedic mind has always been a little askew and there's more bizarre where that sketch came from.

Also, I want to give major props to regular voice contributor Jane Testar, for singing a stunning version of my, once again, twisted parody of "The Little Mermaid."  As well as Dean Jenkinson for writing the very funny water tasting sketch performed by the hilarious Rosanna Deerchild, Craig Lauzon, and yours truly.  All in all, I thought it was a great episode and I look forward to hearing next week's offering. 

Talk to you next week Revision Quest listeners.