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Missing and Murdered Blog

Today, I am writing this blog from the U.S.; Ohio to be specific.  I listened to today's episode about missing and murdered Aboriginal women just before I climbed into my car to drive south.  As I drove for hours along seemingly endless stretches of highway I was constantly reminded of the stories we heard today about the stretch of Canadian highway known as "The Highway of tears."  It is shocking to think that an entire stretch of road could gain notoriety for being the location of so many murders and unsolved disappearances, especially when they seem to focus on a specific race of people.
While researching these shows we hear a lot of troubling statistics about Aboriginal people, so much so that it almost seems like it would be impossible to surprise me anymore, but the statistic that Aboriginal women are five times more likely to die by violent means is not only shocking it's infuriating.  As the host, I try my best to remain unbiased about the topics we cover, as I believe the success of our show has always been in presenting our topics fairly and with balanced viewpoints.  However, as we heard today, everybody we interviewed, including the RCMP, all agree that the cases of the missing and murdered women did not receive the same coverage or widespread interest from the media or from the Canadian public that other cases have.  So as someone who is active in the Canadian media I am very proud to have been a part of today's episode and I believe that we made great steps in our attempts to put a human face on such a disturbing statistic.  My congratulations to producer Kim Ziervogel on yet another powerful episode.

As for my future blogs, I must sentimentally inform you that they will now be written from the U.S.  I am currently in the process of moving to LA, to seek out southern California adventures and concentrate on upcoming writing projects.  I will continue to return to Canada often for work as I already have projects lined up back in my homeland.  In the meantime, continue to enjoy the upcoming episodes of Revision Quest.  We are back to our more lighthearted approach next week and for the remainder of the season.  And keep writing in with your comments, we read them all and we love to hear from you.  Kukstetemc.