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Darrell on two spirited

When putting together any episode of ReVision Quest there are two things that we always look for: one, there is a good mix of humour throughout, and two, the interviews provide a balanced view on the topic we are covering. Some episodes succeed more than others but as I listened to this week's episode I thought we achieved our goals.

I really enjoyed the differing opinions on the value of the term "two spirited" from those who embrace it and those who reject it. A question we always ask ourselves in our staff meetings when discussing the episodes is, "what is the surprise that we discover in this show?" For me, there were two surprises. The first being, that I didn't know that the term two spirited was a recent term. I always thought it was a reclaimed concept from the days of pre-contact. The second is I assumed that all Aboriginal people in the GLBT community just accepted the term "two spirited" as their identifier. However as we heard in today's episode, there is as much derision about the term, the history, and the concept, as any other issue in Native communities.

Embarrassingly, these preconceptions came from the host of a show that attempts to bust Aboriginal stereotypes by pointing out that Native identities and outlooks are as complex and numerous as there are Natives. I'm embarrassed to admit that I am NOT the end all, be all, know it all, on all things Aboriginal. Just don't tell anyone. At some point I may still have to show my face around the CBC again.

My huge congratulations to producer Lorne Olsen and senior producer Ruth Shead for pulling together a very effective episode. Keep listening; we have a lot more great episodes coming up over this long, hot summer!