Beginning Monday, April 23, series explores political influence and economic clout around the world

This Monday, April 23, CBC News premieres a series of special reports looking at the shift in power bases around the world. Which nations are wielding new political influence and economic clout?  What are the forces undermining some regions and boosting others?  How and why are some nations making radical breaks with the past? 

These are the questions POWER SHIFT will explore, through in-depth enterprise journalism from senior CBC News correspondents in key countries around the world.

China is a surging economic superpower, yet it is grappling with an aging population and workforce. India's burgeoning new, young, middle class is fueling growth and new wealth, though the country is hobbled by corruption. Economic reckoning in Europe is realigning the power structure across the continent, while the Arab Spring has unleashed waves of populist strength.

POWER SHIFT will help you keep track and make sense of it all. Among the stories airing on The National, CBC News Network, CBC Radio One's World Report and World at Six, and the CBC News App:

Power Shift India: Counting the Future
Alison Smith (@alisonsmith_cbc) reports on India's ambitious plans to capitalize on its demographic advantages and overtake China in the economic sphere. A massive investment is required in education, in health care and in infrastructure in order to take full advantage of the potential India now faces. However, many people in India have been "invisible"--with no government record. India has a population of more than one billion people, yet they have no equivalent of Social Insurance Numbers, and only 33 million Indians pay income tax. Only 60 million have passports. The "invisibility" of hundreds of millions of Indians hampers economic growth and emboldens corrupt officials--so India has undertaken the biggest data gathering project in history, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI).
Power Shift Europe: Italy Undone
Neil Macdonald explores the profound malaise gripping much of Europe. Looking specifically at Italy, he shows how economic and political power has drained from sovereign states to financiers and bond traders. Italy's economic model worked well enough in the past.  But in an ever more globalized world, the country's overly-protected industries and generous social system have led to staggering inefficiencies and crushing debt. Now, Italy's new Prime Minister is trying to change the way the nation has been run for generations. If he fails, and the eighth largest economy on earth defaults on its debt, the consequences will be severe, not just for Italians, but the global economy. 

Plus, Connie Watson reports from Cuba, where there's also a power shift going on. The country is moving away from the all-controlling regime of Fidel Castro, where every Cuban was on the payroll, to a system where risk takers are rewarded. People are relishing their newfound freedoms and wanting more. The economy is opening up, and a new private sector is popping up. But can the Castro regime stay in control of the change it's started?

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