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As Canada's public broadcaster, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has been producing award-winning programming since 1952. The English Television Network has archived a great deal of this rich television heritage and it is available through CBC Archive Sales.

The CBC Archives site is your gateway to an extensive collection of Canadian and International footage. Our archives contain unique video of the Canadian experience such as Canada’s Arctic, the Alberta Oil Sands and the conflict in Afghanistan, and as well as other domestic and international images that define a place or time. We license video elements from our programming to independently produced productions. Archive sales can supply many commercial formats, including high definition tape and FTP delivery.

How to get started

Search our database to identify footage that may be of interest for your project. You can directly send your selections to us from the online search results, or, print/save your selections and contact us.

Assisted search
Contact Steve.Nicholls@cbc.ca or Paul.McIntyre@cbc.ca with your request. Both are experienced in finding and providing the right stockshot for your production. They can also answer general questions about stock footage and our licensing practices.

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