Online Ad Specifications

General Creative Requirements

The working version of all creative and corresponding URLs must be received by our traffic team no later than 72 hours prior to the live date of your campaign in order to avoid any delays in posting campaigns. Please cc your sales rep in this email.

All enhanced creative material requires testing and approval by our Ad Operations team. This process may take up to an additional 48 hours. Once creative has been tested and approved (if enhanced creative), please allow an additional 48 hours for trafficking preparations prior to the start of your campaign.

CBC supports the most popular units in the IAB CUAP 3.0.

Please note, all creative must pass through our ad standards department which usually requires an additional 24 hours.

Online Ad Specs (PDF Download)

General Information on Our Ad Server: DART for Publishers

Standard Display Ad or Flash Default Creative

Standard Display Ads Rich Media/Flash - Initial File Size & Dimensions

Expandable Flash Ad Units - Initial File Size & Dimensions

Top Layer /Floating Ads

Flash Standards - IAB CUAP 3.0

In Stream Video (Pre, Mid or Post Roll)

Video Commercial Spots on Podcasts

YouTube Advertising

Audio Commercial Spots

Late Creative Policy

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