Ad Standards


The CBC requires Telecaster (TVB) approval for all commercials airing on CBC owned and operated Television stations. 

A Telecaster number must be included on all Traffic instructions. All commercial material must have Telecaster approval prior to air date.

Broadcast material is coordinated by Playlist Management can be received through MIJONET, DG/Fast Channel, and Extreme Reach.  If  sending broadcast material on Betacam tape our address is: 

Courier Address

Mail Address

205 Wellington Street West
Room 6G400U
Toronto, On
M5V 3G7
Attention: Playlist Management

P.O. Box 500, Station "A"
Room 6G400U
Toronto, On
M5W 1E6
Attention: Playlist Management

Please direct all correspondence to PMG Commercial Management and if you have any questions feel free to contact Michael Walker (416) 205-2325 or Christine Daniels (416) 205-8764.

Some advertising categories will continue to be approved by CBC.  A list of those categories can be found below.  We recommend submitting English scripts for these categories to prior to production.  Please contact Mike by e-mail or phone (416-205-7296) if you have any questions regarding approval.

Advertising That Continues To Be Screened And Approved By CBC


  • Political Parties & Candidates - Municipal, Provincial, Territorial, Federal, Territorial
  • Political Action Groups



  • All branches of government - Municipal, Provincial, Territorial, Federal
    • Includes Crown Corporations


Advocacy Groups

  • Trade Unions, Councils, Coalitions, Alliances, Boards, Foundations, Federations, Societies
  • Associations
  • Religious Organizations
  • Lobby & Interest Groups including Environmental Groups
  • Energy Companies - unless they confine themselves to promoting the sale of their products


Issue and Opinion Messages

  • This encompasses all non-product and non-service advertising that promotes a point of view or course of action, and includes Societal, Corporate, Institutional and Public Relations advertising (e.g. ads that promote a view on the structure, organization or functioning of society, and  ads that promote a point of view on a companies record on controversial issues such as the environment)


 Contests & Games of Chance

  • Co-Sponsored contests must be approved by legal and Head Office according to established policy & process


Commercials which fall under our Unacceptable policy

  • Tobacco/tobacco products, tobacco company sponsorships,
  • Social clubs such as matrimonial and dating agencies, (phone chat lines)
  • Fortune telling, spiritualism, mind or character reading, phrenology, palmistry, astrology, hypnosis (non-medical)


 Internet Advertising & Advertising that airs on Radio

  • All commercials