Episode 2x13 Family Business

Tinny & Des are snatched from the safety of the Doyle home in broad daylight.

Episode 2x12 St. John’s Town

The Doyles are hired by a real estate agent to investigate a series of strange occurrences at the site of her controversial housing development.

Episode 2x10 The Special Detective

Crime novelist Garrison Steele returns again to both hire and torment Jake to help him research a murder case.

Episode 2x08 Sympathy for the Devil

The Doyles reluctantly take on a case from a dodgy "old friend" when he promises them a big payday.

Episode 2x07 Crashing on the Couch

Jake and Mal are called to check into some death threats that have been made to a respected psychiatrist.

Episode 2x06 The Ryans and the Pittmans

When an old Doyle family friend accidentally goes missing at sea, the Doyles are hired by his daughter to find out what really happened.

Episode 2x05 Something Old, Someone New

It's matrimony -- Doyle style -- as Jake and Mal are tasked with finding the person responsible for sabotaging an upcoming wedding.

Episode 2x04 The Son Also Rises

It gets personal when the Doyles band together to protect someone they love from the cops and from a killer.

Episode 6x03 Smash Derby

An insurance case involving the temperamental victim of a car collision leads to intrigue at the track.

Episode 2x03 A Stand Up Guy

The Doyles are employed to help a comedian on the edge of a comeback find a dangerous stalker.

Episode 2x02 Popeye Doyle

Jake plays prisoner when he goes "inside" to find out the location of some stolen diamonds from a gang of incarcerated criminals.

Episode 2x01 Live and Let Doyle

In the Season 2 opener, Jake is on the trail of a group of bold daytime kidnappers.

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