Jake Doyle

After being kidnapped and locked in a shipping container for parts unknown, Jake Doyle begins Season Five in an unexpected place far from the City of Legends.  And yet as always, trouble seems to follow. With Jake battling with new dangers, the Doyles back home are all stepping up in Jake’s absence until he can negotiate his way back.

Continuing his own unique brand of private investigating, Jake takes on new cases in the City of Legends while trying to balance what’s truly important to him – namely, his relationships with his family and with Leslie Bennett.  But nothing worth having comes easy, and Jake will have more than a few major disruptions as he attempts to move forward with the love of his life. 

Throughout the season, Jake contends with some of the most ruthless and dangerous criminals he’s ever crossed while simultaneously trying to keep his personal life from completely falling apart. But the compounded result of having himself and the people he loves put in life-threatening situations only causes Jake to open his eyes and consider what his future will be like – and who will be a part of it.

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