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Episode Three Extras: Web exclusive and extended interviews!

As usual, we had far too much terrific content to fit into one, 53-minute episode. So again, we're offering some extended versions of the interviews you heard on the radio program or on the podcast. And we're also offering a web-exclusive segment that wasn't on the radio or podcast version of this week's ReCivilization.
First up is the full-length interview with James Heywood, the founder of PatientsLikeMe an online network where people suffering from rare diseases can collaborate about their care with others who have the same condition.

We also have a longer edit of Don's interview with Sir Andrew Witty, the global CEO of GlaxoSmithKline, recorded at last December's Pan-European Innovation Convention.

And a web exclusive: a short soundscape from a "meetup" of the Toronto chapter of the Quantified Self group, where people use technology to track all sorts of human activity and behaviour.

As always, keep checking back for more content!