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Episode Five: Rebooting the Public Square

In the finale of ReCivilization, Don takes us into the public square, to look at how governments must re-engage with citizens. This means leaving behind the industrial age model of command and control and into moving into an era of openness, transparency, and accessible data that allows citizens to participate fully in designing effective policy and public services. And it means protecting the web as a public space.

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Featured Guests:

Thomas Kalil, Deputy Director for Policy, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google, Inc.

Mitchell Baker, Chairperson of the Mozilla Foundation, makers of the Firefox web browser

Sir Tim Berners-Lee,  inventor of the World Wide Web

Episode Four: Re-Industrializing the planet

In episode four of ReCivilization, Don examines how the digital revolution has cut transaction costs and changed the notion of the firm, and how business needs to operate collaboratively and transparently -- to meet the needs of increasingly savvy consumers concerned about sustainability and ethical behaviour. As Don says, the level of scrutiny made possible by the web means businesses operate nakedly. And if you're going to be naked, you'd better be buff.

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Featured guests: 

Reid Hoffman, founder and CEO of LinkedIn

Hannah Jones, Vice President of Sustainable Business and Innovation at Nike Inc.

Robin Chase, founder of car-sharing companies ZipCar and BuzzCar

Dara O'Rourke, director of GoodGuide, which evaluates companies based on a scale of corporate responsibility

Gord and Susan Fraser, homeowners in Toronto who operate the Ravina Project, an ongoing, well-documented green-energy experiment that allows them reduce their home's reliance on the electrical grid.
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Episode Three: Collaborative Health Care

In part three of ReCivilization, Don examines the future of health care and medicine, where patients become co-managers of their own wellness, and use the web to network with each other for support, knowledge, and healing -- outside the old, institutional, medical framework.

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Featured guests:

James Heywood
, founder of PatientsLikeMe, an networking site for people suffering from rare diseases

Dr. Mike Evans
, Director of the Health Design Lab at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto

Dr. Jay Parkinson
, a doctor in Brooklyn, New York, who uses technology to make house calls

Sir Andrew Witty
, global CEO of pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline

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