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Episode Two: Open-Source Knowledge

In episode two of ReCivilization, Don looks at the transformation of education and science, and how the sharing of knowledge is moving from the industrial-age model of a one-way broadcast from teacher to student to collaborative, discovery-driven learning, enabled by the web. He also examines a new model for science that favours open data over isolated, patent-driven research.

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Featured guests: week2guests.jpg
John Seely Brown, Visiting scholar at the University of Southern California and author of numerous books on radical innovation, learning and pedagogy

Cecilia d'Oliveira, Executive Director, Massachusetts Institute of Technology's OpenCourseWare initiative

Shigeru Miyagawa, Chair, MIT OpenCourseWare Faculty Advisory Committee

Aled EdwardsDirector of the Structural Genomics Consortium, which oversees collaborative and patent-free pharmaceutical research

Kevin Schawinski, co-founder of GalaxyZoo and Zooniverse, scientific research projects that engage citizen scientists