Who is eligible to apply?

The competition is open to legal residents of Canada who have reached the age of majority in their province of residence as of the Open Call date or date which they submit their Online Entry, whichever is earlier. Applicants cannot have a criminal record.


What is the deadline to submit an Online Entry?

The deadline to submit an Online Entry is July 10, 2013 at 11:59 pm EST.

I am a professional chef or food professional. Do I qualify?

No, sorry. This is an amateur chef competition. If you are a professional chef, caterer, food stylist or other individual involved in the professional preparation of food or recipes you do not qualify for this competition. Please check the Competition Rules for exclusions.


I am a culinary student not yet working in the food industry. Can I apply?

Yes as long as you’re not being paid for working in a food related industry.


There are no food categories this year. How do I know what type of recipe to submit?

Pick your best Recipe and the culinary team will make the decision which category it belongs to.

Who will be Judging?

A panel of respected professionals working in food, food production and food marketing will judge the Participants and select the category winners.


How will the Judges make their selection?

The Judges decisions will be based on: taste, uniqueness, presentation, the history/development of the Recipe and the suitability of the Recipe to become a mass-produced grocery store item.


How many recipes can I enter?

Applicants can submit one Recipe only. Pick your best one!


How many Open Calls can I attend?

Applicants can only participate in one Open Call unless Producer arranges for an Applicant from Calgary, Moncton or Montreal to attend an Open Call in Toronto or Vancouver. If, however, an Applicant does not get the opportunity to make a Recipe Submission because he/she was not able to be seen by the Producers, he/she may attend a subsequent Open Call and attempt to make a Recipe Submission.

I’d like to submit via Online Entry, do I need to attend an Open Call?

We encourage all Applicants to pre-register online and attend an Open Call in order for us to get the best sense of who you are and what your Recipe tastes like.

If it is impossible for you to make it to an Open Call, your Online entry will be considered when choosing Applicants to be flown to our Open Calls in Toronto and Vancouver where our Participants will be selected.

I agreed to the Applicant Release Form in step 2 of the online application. Do I still need to bring my signed form to the Open Call?

Yes, if you're attending an Open Call, you must download, print out and sign the Applicant Release Form and take it with you to the Open Call.

Download the form here: Applicant Release Form English | Applicant Release Form French

Do you have any tips for pre-registration?

  1. Make sure your recipe is something that can be batch produced and is marketable! Give it a name that sells, and create your own hype around it. Make it fun!
  2. Just as important as the recipe is YOU. We want to know who you are, what you do, your backstory and why this recipe is important to you. Be specific!
  3. Think outside the box! Uniqueness is a plus.

Do I need to submit a video?

A video describing your Recipe is mandatory if you are too far away from our Open Calls to attend. If you are attending an Open Call, you are not required to submit a video.

What file type do I need for my video? What about file size?

AVI is preferred, but the following are also acceptable: Quicktime (.mov), MPEG (.mpg, .mpeg, .mp4), Windows Media (.wmv), Flash Video (.flv, .f4v). Videos uploaded must be 3 minutes or shorter in duration and smaller than 1000MB in size. If you get an error while uploading, please try uploading a different file format.

I auditioned in Calgary, Moncton or Montreal and have earned a spot to attend the Open Call in Toronto or Vancouver where the Participants will be selected. How will I get there?

For those who are selected (up to 40 Applicants), travel and accommodation arrangements, if required, will be organized and paid for by the Production.

I auditioned in Calgary, Moncton or Montreal but wasn’t chosen to attend the Open Call in Toronto or Vancouver where Participants will be selected. Will I still be considered as a potential Participant in the Competition?

No, if you weren’t invited to Toronto or Vancouver you are no longer in the running to become a Participant.

Will my Recipe need to be nut free?

No but you must list all ingredients. Please read and review the Competition Rules.


I’ve been using my Recipe on a small scale, can I still submit it?

Yes, it is still eligible. Your Recipe cannot, however, have been professionally published (e.g. in cookbooks or magazines or online equivalents), commercially exploited or competed in or won any other television competition, national contest, or professional award.  You must disclose to us in what manner you have been using your Recipe.


If I submit my Recipe in the Competition, will it be kept confidential?

No. By submitting a Recipe in connection with the Competition, you acknowledge and agree that such submission constitutes public disclosure of the Recipe. If you wish to keep your Recipe or any ingredient, element or idea confidential you should not submit a Recipe for consideration in the Competition. Please refer to the Competition Rules for further information.


If I am declared a Category Winner or Grand Prize Winner, will I receive additional payments or compensation from Loblaw for the sale of my products at Loblaw banner stores?

No, Category Winners and Grand Prize Winners will only be entitled to the prize money as outlined in the Competition Rules. Loblaw will not be paying any royalties or additional compensation for the sale of the product at Loblaw banner stores.