About the Competition

RECIPE TO RICHES wants to find Canada’s best recipes, and share them with the entire country. Open Calls are coming to five cities across Canada this summer. Don’t miss your opportunity to show the country your most unique and delicious Recipe!

You and your Recipe will be judged on taste, uniqueness, presentation, history/development of the Recipe and suitability of the Recipe for mass production … since five winning recipes will become President’s Choice® products, Canada’s number one brand!*

What makes your Recipe so special? What’s your secret? Tell us your story. After the Open Calls, Participants will be selected to proceed to the next level of the competition. Find out more about the Open Calls

*AC Nielson Brand Performance, June 2012

The Prizes

The Process

AUDITIONS: Applicants who attend an Open Call must complete a Submission Package (see below for more info on the Submission Package) and bring a prepared, ready to serve sample of their Recipe. You can pre-register online now for an expedited registration process at the Open Call. Pre-registration is encouraged. Applicants that do not pre-register will be processed on a first-come first-serve basis.

Unfortunately, because of the number of Applicants not everyone will present their dishes to our culinary team.

Up to 40 Applicants from our Calgary, Moncton and Montreal Open Calls and Online Entries will earn a complimentary trip to an Open Call in Toronto or Vancouver where our Participants will be selected.

Applicants who cannot attend an Open Call in person may apply by Online Entry. Online Entries are only available to Applicants who cannot attend an Open Call. If you are selected from the Online Entries you will be flown at our expense to either a Toronto or Vancouver Open Call where our Participants will be selected.  A video describing your Recipe is mandatory if you are applying via an Online Entry.

SELECTION OF PARTICIPANTS: The culinary team will select 15 Participants who will be grouped into five different food categories to participate in the competition and appear in the third season of “Recipe to Riches”.

SELECTION OF CATEGORY WINNERS: Our judges will select a winner in a different category each week. The category winners will not only walk away $25,000 richer – their Recipes will also be developed into President’s Choice® products to be available in select Loblaw grocery stores across the country.

Then … Canadians vote for their favourite!

GRAND FINALE: The five category winners return for a grand finale showdown where one amateur Canadian cook will be crowned best of the best and will receive $250,000… going from Recipe to Riches!

Open Calls

Applicants who attend an Open Call must complete a Submission Package and bring a prepared, ready to serve sample of their Recipe.

Pre-register by filling out the online Application Form available on this website. By pre-registering, you will receive the benefit of an expedited registration process at the Open Calls. You will receive an email (or call) to confirm your exact Open Call location, date and time. Pre-registration is not required, but is recommended.

Online pre-registration does not guarantee the right to serve your dish to the culinary team and will not increase the likelihood of being selected as a Participant in the Program. Applicants who do not pre-register will be processed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Submission Package: All Applicants (pre-registered or not) will need to bring a fully completed Submission Package to the open call, which includes:

Your Recipe must include:

  1. A complete list of ingredients (generic only, no brand names) using imperial measurements
  2. Serving size and number of servings
  3. Preparation instructions
  4. Your Recipe must not include any illegal ingredients and must comply with the Competition Rules

You must arrive with your fully completed Submission Package and 3 servings of your Recipe Submission for the culinary team. Your Recipe Submission must be packaged in accordance with food safety guidelines. Click here for food safety information. Your Recipe Submission must contain only those ingredients listed in your Recipe and must be prepared as described in the written copy of your Recipe included in your Submission Package.

Attending an Open Call does not guarantee that your Recipe will be selected to be served to the culinary team.

The Producer or its Designated Representatives will review each Recipe and determine which individuals who attend the Open Call will be selected to present and serve their Recipe Submission to the culinary team. If your Recipe is chosen to be served to the culinary team, our culinary assistants will cut, reheat, and serve your Recipe as necessary. We will provide plates and cutlery.

Be prepared to pitch the history/development of the Recipe, discuss the Recipe ingredients and preparation techniques.

Please be sure to label your dishes, containers and anything else you might bring along, with your name and telephone number.

On the day you will need to bring:

  1. Your fully completed Submission Package (see above)
  2. Your Recipe Submission prepared in sufficient quantities for three people to taste
  3. Reheating instructions (if necessary)
  4. Your cheering section! Family, Friends, Fans of your Food!

Up to 40 applicants from the Calgary, Montreal and Moncton Open Calls and Online Entries will be flown to the Vancouver or Toronto Open Calls where our Participants will be selected.

If chosen as a Participant, you will be flown to Toronto to compete in the second part of the competition this summer, and appear on Recipe to Riches.

Food Safety

Food safety is critical.

You will be asked to verify the following at the open call auditions:

Please visit Food Safety Canada for all your safe food preparation questions.