A show about the uniquely Canadian mashup that results when old ideas about English collide with new Canada, where one in five people speaks neither French nor English as a first language. Host Mariel Borelli takes us to the street, classroom and boardroom to explore our evolving language.

Fear Itself

Fear Itself dives into the realm of our most profound terrors by exploring why we are equally drawn to and repelled by fear. Host Christy Ann Conlin lives in that world of fear as a writer of horror and ghost stories. The only thing you have to hear is Fear Itself.

Game Changer

The Current's special series from this past season returns, hosted by Anna Maria Tremonti, with stories of the people, events and ideas that have fundamentally changed the world.

Global Perspectives

An international documentary series hosted by Karin Wells. This summer, Global Perspectives explores the theme of Old School, New School.

The Invisible Hand

Think you understand economics? Think again. The Invisible Hand, hosted by Matthew Lazin-Ryder, explains why gouging is good, why non-profits should be profitable and how supply-and-demand governs the world of love. A defiantly non-dismal take on the dismal science of economics.


From Jesus Christ to Ebenezer Scrooge, from Franz Kafka to The Biggest Loser, the world has always been captivated by tales of trouble, epiphany and redemption. Host Richard Syrett brings listeners 10 such stories of profound personal transformation in Metamorphosis.


Host Don Kelly presents profiles of the Aboriginal activists and artists, educators and innovators, chiefs and youth who are pointing a new way forward.

Vinyl Café Stories

A new mix of favourite stories from the Vinyl Café vaults, featuring Dave, his wife Morely, and the crazy constellation of characters who inhabit Dave's life and second-hand record store.

Wachtel on the Arts

A regular feature hosted by the celebrated literary and arts journalist Eleanor Wachtel. Eleanor is known for her revealing and illuminating conversations with authors on the award-winning Writers & Company.

The Wildside

CBC Radio 3 host Grant Lawrence takes listeners to The Wildside in story and song, as Canadians walk, hike, swim, kayak, climb, canoe and skydive across our country - and live to tell the tale. Why? Because it's in our nature.