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As I write, Bernard St-Laurent has decamped to Toronto for the NDP convention. Shawn Apel has been sitting in for Bernie since Wednesday. On Friday we got a chance to interview Bernie down the line from the Toronto convention centre where the New Democrats are choosing a new leader this weekend.

The network is taking advantage of Bernie's Quebec expertise.

120323_s92e8_candidats-npd_sn635.jpgDuring Radio Noon, Bernie told Shawn he's hearing there could be as many as four ballots on Saturday. 

(photo: Radio-Canada)

Here's part of the exchange between Bernie and Shawn:

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The crazy summer weather in southern Quebec this week was a popular show. Listeners said it was a breath of fresh air to be talking short sleeves and summer instead of protests and budgets. 

The wildcat walkout by baggage handlers at Air Canada over an incident involving handlers in Toronto and Labour Minister Lisa Raitt also produced many calls. The union says 3 handlers were suspended for criticizing the minister when she got off a plane. They reportedly clapped sarcastically.

One texter writes: "All this because of sarcastic clapping? Air Canada needs to get a life".

But according to another: "I'm a superelite flyer on AC and all I need to say is these guys should have been fired. What would happen if you did the same at work?"

We got the most calls and texts over Montreal Mayor GĂ©rald Tremblay's suggestion that it was time to reconsider banning masks at demonstrations.

One listener says he covers his face at demos to keep his employers from knowing his political views. Other callers say people should stand up for their views and put their identities behind their convictions.

We particularly liked this text from Anna in Farnham as we wrapped up our weekly farm panel on the same day we were discussing the demo mask ban:

"To Radio Noon. If this warm weather keeps up it'll be too hot for anyone to wear a mask!"


I was sorry to miss the 20th Anniversary of the Radio Noon farm panel. It was great to hear that so many listeners called and texted us to thank Jeannie Neveu, Bob Laberge and Hugh Maynard for taking us every week to a world outside the urban milieu where so many of us live. So here's to Jeannie, Bob and Hugh... and a huge thank you!

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We have the Bernie-Shawn tandem next week, too. Bernie is back on Monday, post NDP convention and then for the rest of the week it will be Shawn. Shawn will be hosting our quiz next week on Friday. So circle that day -- and give us a listen.


Sally Caudwell - producer, Bernie St-Laurent - host, Lindsay Michaels - research (this week it has been Elvis Anber), Claudia Sanchez - technical.