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We bid a happy retirement to DAVE BRONSTETTER this past week. Both Bernie and I were at the 'All in a Weekend' post-show gathering to raise a glass to our dear friend.

During the broadcast, Bernie and Dave relived a moment on air that landed them both in hot water ...when the pair of them thought the microphone was off.


Encouraged by the round table gang on the Saturday morning show, Bernie referred to that 'infamous incident' from 25 years ago. Here's Bernie:


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 Bernie went on to remind the audience about Dave's knowledge and understanding of Quebec.

 There's no doubt we're going to miss Dave. He's incredibly quick on his feet, full of personality and fun, courageously honest about his insomnia and burnout, and always true to his love for broadcasting.

 I told him that any time 'Dave from Montreal West' gives us a call,  he'll be on air, pronto!

 And we've asked him if we can call him every now and then just to get his take on sports -- and you'll be glad to hear, he said okay. So, on Radio Noon, we're not saying goodbye, for us it's more like 'bye for now, talk to you soon.'


 Okay, batting in baseball is about hitting runs, live radio is about hitting posts.

 We want our newscasts to fall at set times (the so-called posts.) That way you will know when to expect the latest headlines and weather. 

 Monday to Friday it's simple: Top of the clock and the bottom. With some posts, the computer will cut you off whether you conclude your thought or not.

 During Radio Noon we have some latitude. At 12:30 a computer isn't about to cut in. That said, we still like consistency. But, if someone's being very emotional on air, we don't like to just stop them, hard at 12:30 and move on to headlines. We like to let them finish their thoughts and then move to news.
 On Friday we were remembering Expos baseball player GARY CARTER. We had on two of his friends and former colleagues: RODGER BRULOTTE, colour commentator for the Expos broadcast and JOHNNY ELIAS who ran a baseball school with Carter.
 Brulotte and Elias were both sharing reminiscences of Carter. The stories involved former players, Andre Dawson and Johnny Bench.  One tale was about a mom's 'home run' tomato sauce, Gary running the bases and more Expos details folded in.

 Well, we're at 12:30, should be stopping for the news but as you can tell, this story just has too many threads calling out to be tied together. Plus, it's really hard to stop two people mid-story. So, sorry newsroom folks, but this was one time we just couldn't hit the post.

Take a listen...


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 JUSTIN TRUDEAU'S musings in a Radio-Canada interview on Harper's Canada and how he could see considering the independence option for Quebec, if Ottawa keeps making decisions that leave out what he sees as fundamental Canadian values attracted the most calls and texts of the week.

 In that French interview, the Liberal MP for Papineau went on to stress his attachment to Canada but the damage was done. The other parties pounced and Trudeau was in full explaining mode.

 Here's an excerpt from his interview with Radio Noon:

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 Trudeau did admit that some of his caucus colleagues were unhappy with his statements.  

 Most of our listeners sided with Trudeau - expressing frustration with Harper's government.

 But a few were very disappointed that the son of Pierre Trudeau, a former prime minister and staunch federalist, would even raise such a possibility.


 And with that -- we're on to another week. This coming Friday: it's Quiz day on Radio Noon! We're already collecting and honing our questions...
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Sally Caudwell

CBC Producer - Radio Noon

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