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MOST TEXTS-AND-CALLS TOPIC OF THE WEEK: Driver demerits for biking violations
 Generally, a bicycling discussion in the middle of February isn't a strong contender for topic of the week. Snow tends to make it seem such a far-off possibility.
 But that generalization doesn't take in this winter. Now I know it snowed on Friday - but until then, February in Montreal boasted about 2 full centimetres of new snow and our biking show fell on Thursday.

Throughout February the bike paths have been in use. People have been thinking cycling -- and during our show they were worked up about it.

 We got lots of calls and texts.
 Our first caller phoned in as soon as we mentioned the topic in the headlines.
Karen who lives near the McGill University bike path is in favour of anything that reminds cyclists they have to follow the rules of the road.
 Here's part of her call:

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 Then we heard from the likes of Mark in NDG. He doesn't carry i.d. he says just in case he gets caught running a red light.
 Here's some of what Mark had to say:

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 The texts were just as exercised (no pun intended -- well, maybe a little bit).
 "Maybe people pushing strollers should also have to obey rules intended for drivers." 

 "This actually did happen to me, 2 points off my future driver's license - for speeding! Nevertheless, I agree with this enforcement." 

 "Pure nonsense Bernie to have bike infractions impact your drivers licence points."

 "Montreal is the worst city in Canada for driving (whether cars, bikes and pedestrians). Authorities are too lenient!" 


 QUIZ DAY - Tah Dah...
 Love ending a week with the news quiz. We had really strong contestants this week in Nancy Wood, Shawn Apel, Sue Smith and Peter Akman. They got nearly every question right. Couldn't stump 'em.
  Another thing: You never know what you are going to learn about on the quiz. Facts you wouldn't otherwise know. Peter probably gave us too much information about the McGill occupation ... while Nancy admitted she only learned about the Super Bowl and the contending teams by viewing the game. We particulary liked how she chose which team to back. Here she is:  


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And that's this week.

Sally Caudwell, CBC producer - Montreal

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The Radio Noon team this week included Bernard St-Laurent, Martin Lavoie and Patrick Gingras, Elvis Anber and Sally Caudwell. 



We bid a happy retirement to DAVE BRONSTETTER this past week. Both Bernie and I were at the 'All in a Weekend' post-show gathering to raise a glass to our dear friend.

During the broadcast, Bernie and Dave relived a moment on air that landed them both in hot water ...when the pair of them thought the microphone was off.


Encouraged by the round table gang on the Saturday morning show, Bernie referred to that 'infamous incident' from 25 years ago. Here's Bernie:


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 Bernie went on to remind the audience about Dave's knowledge and understanding of Quebec.

 There's no doubt we're going to miss Dave. He's incredibly quick on his feet, full of personality and fun, courageously honest about his insomnia and burnout, and always true to his love for broadcasting.

 I told him that any time 'Dave from Montreal West' gives us a call,  he'll be on air, pronto!

 And we've asked him if we can call him every now and then just to get his take on sports -- and you'll be glad to hear, he said okay. So, on Radio Noon, we're not saying goodbye, for us it's more like 'bye for now, talk to you soon.'


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Our blog about life behind the microphone..


120208_iq1gg_sana-hassainia-bebe_sn635.jpgMOST TEXTS-AND-CALLS TOPIC IN A YEAR !!! Baby removed from the Commons

We take on many issues on Radio Noon, including several All-Party debates during the federal election last spring.

We've weighed the consequences of the Guy Turcotte verdict where he was found not criminally responsible for the stabbing deaths of his two children.

The Arab Spring, climate change and common-law relationships -- all discussed on Radio Noon.

But hands down -- Tuesday's removal of three-month-old Skander-Jack from the Commons before his mother, NDP MP Sana Hassainia, could vote got the most response from our listeners. 

Reaction to the story went right across the board: texts, calls, emails. Some topics seem to capture one age group, or one gender, or one community more than another. Not this one.

We heard from young mothers, grandparents, stay-at-home parents, students, careerists. Really, all of the above. And not in the way you'd expect. Nursing moms saying children in the Commons would be a distraction. Elderly callers saying it's about time to accept babies in the room.

A fascinating and surprising cross-section of callers.

Later in the week, the Speaker of the House made it clear he would treat infants in the Chamber on a case by case basis while reviewing the subject more deeply.

On our Friday show, Bernie and I played some calls to our talkback line and read out some texts. Even that recap got our listeners reacting.

Here's a sampling:

We start with a talkback call from a former student who felt empowered bringing her baby with her.

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We also heard from Zachary, who believes babies do not belong in Parliament: 

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And then this text reaction:

"Time check for Zack, this is 2012"

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