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Our blog about life behind the microphone...

I admit it: I manage to put a lot of angst into our monthly quiz (which is strange, because I love it and I think it makes for really fun radio).

I do worry.

Are the questions too easy, too hard? 
Will they draw listeners in? 
Is there the right mix - of lighter lifestyle questions

ie) "This next question is about Archie -- everybody's favorite comics character. What did he do for the first time this month"?
Archie attended the gay marriage of Kevin Keller. Keller, an American soldier who was injured in Iraq fell in love with the African American doctor who took care of him

and serious, informative questions:
ie.) Here's a question on Quebec politics: What is Luc Harvey trying to revive?
A Conservative Party on the provincial front

I don't want to stump the panel too much, but I also don't want the quiz to be a pushover. I want to challenge them and our listeners. And not forgetting --- the whole issue of making sure we have the right answer.

BERNARD ST-LAURNET helps (he adds good tough questions, especially about Quebec politics). Our program director HELEN EVANS also has a good sense of when Bernie and I have gone way too 'ins-y' on the political side and pulls us back into the fresh air.

After Friday's quiz I actually got a voicemail message from a listener (ANDIE) saying she likes the quiz so much she thinks we should do it at least once a week instead of once a month.
Don't think I could take the angst.  Sure loved the message. though!

Here's a sample of what our Quiz sounded like this past week, thanks to contestants Nancy Wood, investigative reporter with Enquête and Daybreak broadcaster Shawn Apel, assignment editor Katherine Canty and CBC reporter Elias Abboud.

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Three subjects in the past 10 days vied for this one.

1.) Listeners had tons to say about the 'LOLA' VERSUS 'ERIC' divorce case.

The Supreme Court is deliberating on whether 'Lola' should get spousal support. She was the common-law spouse of 'Eric' for seven years. They have three children.

Lawyer JORDAN CHARNESS took calls and as he pointed out a lot is riding on the Supremes' judgment.

For example, one caller whose boyfriend is still married and has family in another province is eager to know what her rights will be.

li-pensions620-getty1362402.jpg2.) PENSION REFORM
We ran into some technical issues on this one and unfortunately our callers got squeezed.

We debated whether Old Age Security benefits should not be available until you are 67 years old compared with today's 65.

One caller pronounced: "Welcome to Texas North". A texter expressed frustration at getting into the workplace. Here's that text:

" I am 31 and like many people of my generation, have 2 degrees, real career ambitions, and considerable debt. We've been told that boomers would be making way for us in the job market for at least a decade, to no avail, since many have chosen to work."

Here's the audio of our discussion.

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NDP leadership hopeful Thomas Mulcaire has both French and Canadian citizenship.

We asked our listeners for their thoughts on a political leader having dual citizenship, after the prime minister weighed into the matter.

Many callers pointed out that we live in multicultural world. A few said they didn't want a leader whose loyalties might be divided.

STÉPHANE DION who was blasted for dual citizenship when he was Liberal party chief came to Mulcaire's defence, predicting on air the story would have a shortlived news cycle.


Finally... we had a charming interview with PATRICK DOYON whose NFB animated short film 'Dimanche/Sunday' is nominated for an Oscar.

Patrick Doyon told us he screamed on hearing the news, so did his girl friend, which set their 2 year old daughter crying.

He says his story is based on his Sundays as a young boy in the Lac-St-Jean region where his day was filled with visiting grandparents and going to church. He tells us he needed imagination.

"It's very local" he says, and "very international"

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Our fingers will be crossed for Patrick Doyon on Sunday, February 26th.

Remember our Talkback line is always open 514-597-6161.

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Also thanks to the Radnoon team: Bernie St-Laurent, Claudia Sanchez, Lindsay Michael and Elvis Anber who subbed in for a couple of days this week. 

Bon weekend...
Sally Caudwell, Producer