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Welcome to 2012...


weddingbells.jpgFATHER OF THE BRIDE

Bernie is back behind the mic - back from a holiday that included the December 30th marriage of his eldest daughter, Jasmine to Cameron Brady in Toronto.


Our beloved host looked smashing in bow tie and tux. He has a great tale about the wedding party taking a streetcar to the ceremony and all singing "Going to the Chapel". You just know in the anniversaries to come there will be lots of laughs and jokes remembering that cross-Toronto pre-wedding trip. 


Congrats to the bride and her hubbie. 



 We got besieged with calls on this one. We couldn't keep up with the demand. Overwhelmingly our callers said No - leave well enough alone.

 We did hear from a couple in the transport industry who thought this was a good idea, but they were greatly outnumbered.

 Bernie commented after the show about how a program can take on a life of its own. Our discussion on right turns somehow morphed into a heated debate over who's the more 'roadway arrogant': cyclists or drivers. We do love it when a topic takes off.

 Tuesday: Fran├žois Rebello, former PQ MNA for La Prairie jumps ship - joining the CAQ. Pauline Marois is flabbergasted. Friday she writes an open letter denouncing opportunists and turncoats.

 In defending his decision, Rebello insists he's still true to his sovereignist stance and believes Quebec can achieve independence eventually. He argues now is the time to focus on other matters such as the economy and health. 

 Here's his interview with Bernie:


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 We also contact federalist and former Liberal MP Marlene Jennings to see if she's reconsidering her CAQ options.

 Earlier in the month Jennings went public on Daybreak about her two positive meetings with CAQ leader Fran├žois Legault. While she insists she hasn't signed on the dotted line, Jennings does say it's still a possibility.


li-dan-savage-620-00910665.jpg Dan Savage
is an activist/commentator based in Washington State who writes the column, Savage Love.

 Thursday: headlines scream 'Same Sex Marriage Trap' after an argument by a federal justice lawyer states that lesbian and gay couples from outside Canada who tie the knot here aren't legally married if their home countries don't permit same sex marriage.

(photo: courtesy AP. Dan Savage on the right, with his husband Terry Miller)

 Savage tells Bernie this interpretation being used in a Toronto divorce case has direct consequences for him and his partner.

 He says Washington State which doesn't yet allow same sex marriages does recognize them as domestic partners because they have been legally married elsewhere. Savage is worried he went to "bed with my husband" and woke up with "my boyfriend".

 Here's that interview:

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  By week's end, the federal justice minister promises to clear up any discrepancies in the law to ensure those marriages stand.

 David Gutnick took us to the epicentre of the aftermath of the Haitian earthquake two years ago. He slept in one of the many tent cities.

 His 2010 documentary on 'a day in the life' was filled with the joys and sorrows of people's lives dramatically changed forever. He woke up to the cries of a mother giving birth to a baby boy in the next tent. Meanwhile many others are trying to come to terms with the loss of their family and friends in the devastating quake.

 Thursday: David takes us back to the Merisier family he profiled. Madsen, the dad, a tile layer is still out of work; daughter Marielle is too afraid to sleep in the house at night...

 Here's David with Bernie:


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 We also got caught up with actress Fabienne Colas. All of sudden, her life changed with the arrival of her dad, her step-mom, her mom and her sister on her doorstep.

 Two years on, her family members are adapting to Montreal life, even "the snow." Fabienne tells us her dad and step mom now have a place of their own, her mom and sister have found a certain level of acceptance and are moving on with their lives.

 Fabienne says they all realize how lucky they are.

 We've got a couple of reminders this January for you.

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 Can you believe it? We've already got half of January under a belts - and before you know it, the sun will be setting after 5 pm. Here's to more daylight!

   All the best,
 Sally Caudwell, Radio Noon
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