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Niqab Swearing-in Ban                               


(photo: Reuters)

     The federal immigration minister, Jason Kenney, introduced a ban on face coverings for anyone swearing an oath to become a Canadian citizenship.

     We took a ton of calls with most listeners supporting the move, but a few suggesting it went too far.

     The niqab decision is federal.

     But during our story meeting on the subject, we were wondering about the status of Bill 94 - that's the Quebec legislation introduced in 2010.

     It followed the Bouchard-Taylor Commission into Reasonable Accommodation.

     It, too, affects the wearing of face veils.

     Bill 94 is still not law... bogged down at the committee stage.

     Here's Quebec Immigration Minister Kathleen Weil talking to Bernard St-Laurent on why Bill 94 is stalled: 

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ADQ-CAQ MARRIAGE: Gérard Deltell with François Legault

     This topic got almost as many calls as the Niqab.

     Tuesday: Legault's Coalition Avenir Québec gets a big boost from the leader of Action Démocratique.

     Deltell says the ADQ's executive is behind the merger and the full membership of the party will get their say in a mail-in vote in the new year.

     Peter White sits on the executive of the ADQ, representing the Eastern Townships. He joins us in studio to herald a new era in Quebec provincial politics with the arrival of a strong third party.

     But most of our listeners are focused on one issue: national unity and whether François Legault is a sovereignist or not.

     The former Parti Québecois leader has said that sovereignty is off the table for 10 years, as far as he's concerned.

     But, for many of our callers and texters - it's the primary concern.

     Here's a sampling of just two texts:

"Right he is not a separatist -- and I am Marie of Romania !!"

"I don't believe for a second that he is not a separatist. Sorry"


P.O.V.: The Draw of Personal Calls

     Studies are showing a widening gap between rich and poor.

     We wanted to delve into that world: to remember at this time of year it isn't all tinsel and trimmings for many people, especially after years of hard economic times.

     DAVID took us directly to that world. He watches every penny.

     Here's his dramatic call to Bernie:


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     A texter wrote in:

"Canada is so rich, how can  people be hungry? Shameful."


P.O.V.: Injection sites 

     We were also drawn in by this call from a restaurant worker, commenting on Montreal's decision to install three safe injection sites into community health centres.

     The city will also have a mobile site for needle users.

     The sites can't come soon enough for Michael who's tired of dealing with addicts who use the café washroom:

      Here's that call...


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