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Inside Radio Noon

Our blog about life behind the microphone.

 Some days we know exactly the stories people will want to talk about. Other days we go forward trusting our broadcast instincts and hoping ...!

 Our Radio Noon format is deliberately designed to be more than a call-in show. We're a hybrid of interviews and phone-in topics. We think that keeps the format free. It lets us turn around a story quickly. And, it takes full advantage of BERNIE'S skills as a veteran reporter.



I will admit that sometimes I'm surprised by who calls in. About 90 per cent of our calls on the OCCUPY MONTREAL movement came from men.

Our phone-in on online teacher threats had fewer calls, but women callers outnumbered the men.  

 We think the phone-in works best when people share their personal stories.

 We had that on Friday. The calls stretch from Sept Iles to Sherbrooke - all wanting to talk.

 The topic? GOOD SAMARITANS. Prompted by that horrifying footage in China where a child is hit by two different vehicules and ignored by 18 passers-by, we examine what makes a Good Samaritan.

 Listener SUZETTE tells us about falling off her bicycle in Quebec City and being overwhelmed by strangers wanting to help.

 Another caller tells us about helping a pregnant woman in need, and even taking her home with her.

 Another caller, DANIEL from Sherbrooke, turns around after seeing a cyclist fly off the road and crash into the woods. He took the injured cyclist to hospital.  

 EDDY AFRAM of St John's Ambulance reminds listeners of the benefit of first aid courses. At a minimum he says people should call 9-1-1 if they come across an emergency.

 A texter warns people "not to run into a burning building".

 And the Ecumenical Chaplain at Concordia, REVEREND ELLIE HUMMEL, takes us back to the origins of the Good Samaritan.

  You can listen to our full discussion at
 Here's Daniel's call...


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 All the talk about an inquiry into the construction industry did attract many calls, but it's the OCCUPY MONTREAL protest that turns out to be the real talker of the week. It seems the tent city either occupies your imagination or not, ...but in either case, people call in.

 We hear from a portfolio manager who calls to say he has been to Victoria Square to lend support to the demonstrators who are calling for social justice and an end to corporate greed.

 A dissenting caller says he's not for corporate greed - but in his words "for corporate growth". His defence of corporations seems to trigger even more phonecalls. 

 An email to the program questions the protesters' desire for social justice, pointing out that their expensive smart phones and laptops distances them from the rest of the world where most people don't earn $2.50 a day.  

 A texter writes: "Unoccupy your bank account. Unoccupy anything that uses oil, betcha can't"

 Another text goes: "Socialists created this one world economy ideology. It's a bust"

 Our debate turns into a wide-ranging examination of the benefits and shortcomings of capitalism and the world's economies. We hear praise for the movement's vision and call for an improved democracy, and we hear disdain for their lack of a single voice. 

 Lots of passion and points of view. Checkout our webpage for the whole discussion at

 You could hear the frustration in MAYOR GÉRARD DUTIL'S voice as he describes the living conditions of some victims who were flooded out by the highwater of the Richelieu River this past spring. They're still in campers or tents with the cold weather fast approaching.

 He tells us about one desperate man who has moved out of his tent and back into his house even though it has a serious fungus problem caused by all the moisture.

 Have a listen...

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Sally Caudwell
CBC Producer Montreal
October 21st, 2011