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Inside Radio Noon

 Welcome to our blog: Inside Radio Noon, Chapter Two. 

 Every morning we struggle with what should be our lead story. Sometimes, it's impossible to know.

 Tuesday October 11th, our morning editorial meeting: we are split - lead with the open letter from a borough mayor who feels cornered by the Quebec law forcing municipalities to award contracts to the lowest bidder (even if that bidder has links to organized crime) or, the pending walk-out by Air Canada flight attendants after their rejection of a second contract offer?

 Both, important good stories. I actually poll some other journalists in the room, here at CBC: three for one story; three for the other. What to do?


(picture: courtesy Radio-Canada)

 In the end we go with CHANTAL ROULEAU, from Rivière-des-Prairies/Pointe-aux-Trembles who wrote the letter. Why? Because we have an interview with her, herself. Our listeners can then weigh directly, for themselves, what she's asking for and why.

 We also try a new format for us, which we think works well. The mayor is worried about talking about legal matters, collusion accusations, in English. We tell her to go into French whenever she needs to and Bernie will paraphrase her answer on the spot. On air, it sounds seamless.
 Have a listen...

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 We do talk about Air Canada. McGill's KARL MOORE explains the role social media has played in the dispute. Using facebook and twitter, union members organize what's almost their own movement within the union to reject the offer.
 For employers and union leaders, alike, take note...


 ALEX FROM GREENFIELD PARK owns three trucks. He's fed up with all the fuel price ups and downs.
 The president of the association representing independent gasoline retailers in Quebec lists the reasons behind the 10-cent-a-litre hike in price at the pumps, the morning of Thursday, October 13: the price of crude, refinery costs, retail operating expenses, and taxes.
 Alex is not impressed:

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 Thursday, October 13: tons of calls and texts about Outremont MP THOMAS MULCAIR entering the NDP leadership race. First we hear from NDP MP MATHIEU DUBÉ explaining why he's for Mulcair.

 Many of our callers are happy Mulcair's in the race. With his scrappy personality and his electoral experience, they say, he can take on Stephen Harper's majority in the Commons and go on to win the next election. 

 We actually hear from a handful of former Mulcair volunteers. They turn out to be a split group: either strongly backing Mulcair, or supporting BRIAN TOPP, the party's former president.

 Earlier in the week, longtime Quebec NDP organizer, RAYMOND GUARDIA tells us why he's with Topp. In his opinion, Topp will be the most able to "run a government faithful to the NDP values we've been fighting for, for decades and decades."


 More than one safe injection site is coming to Montreal in the wake of the Supreme Court decision about a drug users site in British Columbia.

 JEAN-FRANCOIS MARY, a community organizer who's with Cactus, realizes safe injection sites are not a panacea but he says they do save lives.

 ROBERT calls in from Pointe Claire to denounce the SCOC decision and the crime he believes will follow.
 Listen in: 

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 We do receive a couple of NIMBY (not-in-my-backyard) responses. But in the main, our callers are in favour of the injection sites, indeed, in favour of more than one site across the city of Montreal.


 Certainly the overnight hike in gas prices got the most colourful language: "petrol liars", "firm grasp on the testicles of consumers","robbery of the people of Montreal", all come our way on the text line.

 We did think this text raises a really interesting and for the moment, unanswerable question:
"Will the Topp/Mulcair race split the NDP in the way Martin/Chretien supporters decimated the Liberals".

 We talked on the show about a Hong Kong graphic commemorating Steve Jobs who died on Oct. 5th. The iconic bite in the apple is Jobs' profile.
 As soon as we're off air, we get a text suggesting we take a look at the Jobs commemorative graphic done by Montreal designer TARIK MIKOU.
 Here's the link:
 Step back and take it in...

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Sally Caudwell,
CBC Producer Montreal