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April 2012 Archives

Kahnawake faces a third casino referendum.

Later this month residents of the Mohawk community will be voting for a third time on whether to establish a casino on their territory.

We hear from Kenneth Deer, a resident of Kahnawake and speak with Joe Dellaronde, a spokesperson for the project.

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Trying to rebuild the baseball dream in Montreal

Former outfielder Warren Cromartie and Radio Noon listeners toss around ways to bring professional baseball back to Montreal with host Bernard St-Laurent.

Most callers are in favour, sharing family memories of the Expos, but a few skeptics also weigh in. 

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Reaching out to teens who harm themselves.

There's a new website available this week aimed at helping young people who hurt themselves.

McGill psychologist Nancy Heath and a fellow psychologist at Guelph University were asked by YouTube to create a site reaching out to teens who cut, burn, or bruise themselves. The request came in reaction to the growing online community of youths who self-injure.

CBC listeners called in and texted Radio Noon to ask questions and share their experiences.

Here's that segment of our program: 

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The new website is


Quebec goes to court over long gun info


(photo: courtesy Canadian Press) Putting back a gun in a Montreal outdoor store.

Quebec's justice minister, Jean-Marc Fournier, has served notice that the province is seeking an injunction to keep the long gun registry's data. Quebec wants to establish its own registry now that Ottawa is abolishing the national one.

On Radio Noon we hear from the minister at his news conference and from our National Assembly reporter Tim Duboyce:


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Farm Panel Tuesday April 3rd

Lots of talk about the 'Florida of Quebec' on our weekly round table with dairy farmer Jeannie Neveu, beef and sheep producer Bob Laberge and agricultural communications specialist Hugh Maynard.
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Listeners split on injunction


(photo: Radio Canada)  Laval student Laurent Proulx

Laval University student Laurent Proulx says other students should go to the courts to get classes restarted. CBC's Catou Mackinnon fills in Radio Noon on why the judge granted an injunction.  

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Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois who speaks for the student organization CLASSE is worried going to court for injunctions will create tensions between students.


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Our listeners are divided over the pressure tactics and the legal action. Here's the full segment from Radio Noon. 

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Inside Oujé-Bougoumou's heating system

Things heat up on Radio Noon as the CBC's Marika Wheeler takes us to the Cree community of Oujé-Bougougmou. She takes our listeners inside the boilers that power the heating system for the area. IMG_1.JPG Oujé-Bougoumou 2.JPG   (photo: Freddy Bosum, taken by M.Wheeler) 
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Debating: Living in Montreal without French

'It's easy to live in Montreal without French' says the headline in the Journal de Montréal, after hiring a unilingual English reporter to check out the city.

Jack Jedwab, executive director of the Association for Canadian Studies, says the reality in world's big cities is that people don't necessarily have to speak the dominant language.

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