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The Radio Noon Monthly News Quiz - March

Test your knowledge along with our contestants: TV co-anchor Andrew Chang, assignment editor Katherine Canty, Homerun producer Nathalie Walther and executive producer of News Peter Johnson.
Shawn Apel is our quiz master.

1.) What is the name of the aircraft maintenance company that suddenly closed its doors this month?

2.) Who scored a hat-trick for the Habs in under 6 minutes - creating a team record?
3.) How do Quebec university tuition fees stack up compared to the rest of the country?

Answers follow...

120330_yo9vo_etudiants-maison-charest_sn635.jpg(photo: courtesy Radio-Canada)

Students protest over fee increases in Westmount in front of Premier Jean Charest's house. 


Give our monthly news quiz a listen... 

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1. Aveos.

2. Eric Cole.

3. Lowest fees in the country, on average around $2,500.

FYI: Tom Mulcair is second of ten kids. He has nine siblings.