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March 2012 Archives

The Radio Noon Monthly News Quiz - March

Test your knowledge along with our contestants: TV co-anchor Andrew Chang, assignment editor Katherine Canty, Homerun producer Nathalie Walther and executive producer of News Peter Johnson.
Shawn Apel is our quiz master.

1.) What is the name of the aircraft maintenance company that suddenly closed its doors this month?

2.) Who scored a hat-trick for the Habs in under 6 minutes - creating a team record?
3.) How do Quebec university tuition fees stack up compared to the rest of the country?

Answers follow...

120330_yo9vo_etudiants-maison-charest_sn635.jpg(photo: courtesy Radio-Canada)

Students protest over fee increases in Westmount in front of Premier Jean Charest's house. 


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Listeners react to a later OAS

mi-flaherty-budget-300.jpg(photo: courtesy Canadian Press)Federal finance minister Jim Flaherty with his March 29th budget.

Conservative minister Maxime Bernier defends pushing back the age for receiving Old Age Security. Opposition leader Thomas Mulcair denounces the move affecting people under the age of 54. Our listeners weigh in.


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The Habs fire Pierre Gauthier

PC_111219_7w3at_pierregauthier_sn205.jpgGM Pierre Gauthier is gone. As well, Bob Gainey who was working as an advisor to the team is on his way out.

Radio Noon, with guest host Shawn Apel, hears from owner Geoff Molson, the CBC's Andie Bennett, LaPresse's François Gagnon and listeners.

photo: courtesy Radio-Canada


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Limiting garage sales

St. Lazare has voted in favour of limiting garage sales. We hear from an unhappy St. Lazare resident and the mayor, Pierre Kary.

Our callers are full of opinions, including one who wants to ban garage sales by any homeowner whose house is worth more than $250k. 

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Farm Panel Tuesday March 27

Dairy farmer Jeannie Neveu, beef and sheep producer Bob Laberge, and agricultural communications specialist Hugh Maynard join Shawn Apel for our weekly round table on farm matters.

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L'actualité's Jean-François Lisée defends poll

The longtime sovereignist tells guest host Shawn Apel that there was no hidden agenda in the poll in L'actualité magazine. We also hear from the magazine's editor-in-chief, Carole Beaulieu.

We then turn to our listeners and ask, if Anglophones are doing enough to preserve French in Quebec?

Here's Shawn's interview with Jean-François Lisée:

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Here's the full segment from Radio Noon, including the reaction of our listeners:

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Mammogram review catches 109 cases

120327_zk3h7_mammographie-cancer-sein_sn635.jpgDr. Yves Robert of the College of Physicians says misdiagnosed patients have been fast-tracked through the system and are now in treatment. He outlines other recommendations for future breast cancer tests. He was speaking to guest host Shawn Apel. 

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Mulcair's first day in Parliament as Opposition Leader

hi-mulcair-02388932-852-default.jpgMP Alexandre Boulerice says the NDP is energized behind new leader Thomas Mulcair and glad to have its full team "back on the ice" with the return of Peggy Nash, Nathan Cullen and others to the House of Commons.

Liberal Justin Trudeau wonders how open Mulcair will be to diverging opinions within his party.

photo: courtesy Canadian Press 

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Inside Radio Noon

Our blog about life behind the microphone...

As I write, Bernard St-Laurent has decamped to Toronto for the NDP convention. Shawn Apel has been sitting in for Bernie since Wednesday. On Friday we got a chance to interview Bernie down the line from the Toronto convention centre where the New Democrats are choosing a new leader this weekend.

The network is taking advantage of Bernie's Quebec expertise.

120323_s92e8_candidats-npd_sn635.jpgDuring Radio Noon, Bernie told Shawn he's hearing there could be as many as four ballots on Saturday. 

(photo: Radio-Canada)

Here's part of the exchange between Bernie and Shawn:

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Air Canada says flights should soon be back to normal


(photo: courtsey Radio-Canada)

Isabelle Arthur who speaks for Air Canada says the airline's flight schedule will be back to normal by the end of the day Friday or by Saturday morning at the latest.

She says an injunction ordering baggage handlers back to work was handed down this morning.

The baggage handlers staged a wildcat walkout at several airports including Montreal's Trudeau Airport this morning to protest against the suspension of 3 co-workers in Toronto.

The union says they were disciplined for criticizing Labour Minister Lisa Raitt when she got off a plane yesterday.  

Here's Isabelle Arthur's interview with guest host Shawn Apel:

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Here's the full segment on the walkout that aired on Radio Noon, including callers and analysis from CBC business columnist David Blair: 

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Doctor assisted suicide with conditions

A National Assembly committee recommends doctor assisted suicide under strict conditions.

The MNAs report is a Canadian first.

We hear from PQ MNA Véronique Hivon, one of the authors. She stresses they are not recommending assisted suicide because that wouldn't preclude a medical context. The MNAs see the role of doctors as essential.

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High school students join protests

120322_k63li_manifestant_p5.jpgStudent organizers are planning a massive demonstration against tuition hikes in downtown Montreal.

Students from at least a dozen high schools are joining in.

Guest host Shawn Apel speaks with CBC national reporter Justin Hayward, high school principal Gaetane Marquis and student activist Alexandre Petitclerc. 

We ask our listeners for their reactions.


(photo: courtesy Radio-Canada)




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Spring brings summerlike weather

From Canada's weather guru David Phillips to Montreal allergist Dr Jaime Del Carpio we debate the effects of our surprising spring.  

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Demonstrating Aveos workers block entranceway

120320_j09hd_aveos-manif_sn635.jpgphoto: courtesy Radio Canada
Police were called in to clear laidoff Aveos workers demonstrating in front of an Air Canada facility in Dorval. CBC reporter Steve Rukavina described the scene to Radio Noon's Bernard St-Laurent.

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Farm Panel Tuesday March 20

Our weekly round table on farm issues: Jeannie Neveu and Bob Laberge report unseasonable weather conditions at their farms, while Hugh Maynard calling in from the Lower North Shore says it's still very wintry, there.

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Mayor proposes a ban on demo masks

We look at the consequences of a ban on masks at demonstrations. Gérald Tremblay says it's time to reconsider the idea after last week's violence.

Projet Montréal's Richard Bergeron is opposed. We also hear from lawyer Jordan Charness, student organizer Richard-Alexandre Laniel and our listeners. 

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Law student to sue strikers over missed class

Université de Sherbrooke law student Philippe-Olivier Daniel says striking students caused him to miss his Chinese language class. He says they disrupted the 'contract of service' between himself and the university.

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The Rise of the Richer Sex

We speak with American author and columnist Liza Mundy who writes about the growing number of women taking on the major breadwinner role in marriages.

Statistics Canada reports that about a third of all dual income marriages have wives making more money than their husbands.

The trend is happening in Canada, the US and the UK.

Mundy's book is entitled The Richer Sex: How the New Majority of Female Breadwinners is Transforming Sex, Love and Family.

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Avoes workers on the street

li-aveos-workers.jpgphoto: CBC

Airline maintenance workers gathered near Trudeau Airport this morning to protest against the sudden closure of their plant. 1,800 Montreal workers were informed on the weekend about Aveos' sudden shutdown of operations across Canada. In all about 2,400 employees are affected.

The company does longterm airframe and engine maintenance for Air Canada. 

We spoke with Montreal Liberal MP Denis Coderre and McGill management professor Karl Moore. 

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Anti-police brutality protest turns violent


120315_4c4ri_voiture-police-renversee_sn635.jpgphoto: courtesy Radio Canada. Demonstrators turn over a police cruiser on Ste-Catherine Street during the annual anti-police brutality march on the Ides of March. 

We hear about the protest from the view of Evan Light, a UQAM lecturer who was injured, as well as the comments from Montreal's Chief of Police Marc Parent and Mayor Gérald Tremblay. We also have the reaction of our listeners.

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Halal meat brouhaha

Political parties want clear identification of halal chicken meat. A representative of the poultry processing company, Olymel, says his company doesn't use traditional halal slaughter methods and only sells halal products to Muslim customers who request them.

Quebec Solidaire MNA Amir Khadir sees the whole debate as politically-motivated.  

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Preparing for more protests

120312_i23sm_etudiants-manif-catherine2_sn635.jpgphoto: Radio-Canada. Students demonstrating in Montreal on Monday.

Montreal police prepare for the annual Ides of March anti-police brutality demonstration while students continue with their protests over fee increases.
Our listeners react to all the protest action.

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Controversy engulfs depanneur owner

We talk with French radio host Benoit Dutrizac about the controversy swirling around an English speaking depanneur owner.

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A grieving boyfriend warns about texting and driving


hi-textdeath-852-8col.jpgphoto: courtesy Canadian Press

Our listeners react to Mathieu Fortin's heartbreaking facebook page where he recounts the texts he was exchanging with his girlfriend Emy when she had a fatal collision. He has posted the messages as a warning to drivers. 

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No spouses in same schools?

One school board is thinking about forbidding spouses or relatives from working at the same school. CBC reporter Raffy Boudjikanian has the full story, and the phone lines ring off the hook.



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Sugaring-off season

maple syrup.jpgIt's Cabane à sucre time here in Quebec.

Bernie checks in with the founder of Sucrerie de la Montagne, Pierre Faucher.


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Tobacco companies in court

smoking-RTR22C4Y.jpgSome Quebec smokers claim they were misled for years by big tobacco companies.

They say they became addicted to cigarettes and suffered serious health problems...and are suing tobacco companies for 27 billion dollars in damages and penalties.

This is considered to be biggest civil case in Canadian history. Bernie speaks to a plaintiff, and takes your calls.


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Air Canada dispute

Raitt.jpgHear from Labour Minister Lisa Raitt, professor Karl Moore and N.D.P Labour critic Yvon Godin.
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Should landlords be forced to accept pets in their rentals?




Bernard St-Laurent speaks to the SPCA, landlords and callers.

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Women's day: biggest issue facing women?

This women's day, what is the biggest issue facing women?

We heard from Alexa Conradi who is President of the Quebec Women's Federation. Janet Walsh, the Deputy Director of Women's Rights for Human Rights Watch. Also Nakuset, the Exective Director of the Native Women's Shelter of Montreal.
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No regulation for Quebec's naturopaths


naturopath-620.jpgNaturopathic doctors in Quebec are calling for some form of official recognition. Many are leaving the province because they say that without regulation, they could face fines or charges for practicing medicine without a licence.

CBC reporter Peter Akman brings us the full story.


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En français SVP

The Office Quebecois de la langue française has told the town of Huntingdon to stop sending out bilingual notices to its citizens. But town council says it will keep serving residents in English and French.

Meanwhile, Radio-Canada has learned that 26% of store signs on Ste. Catherine St. between Papineau and Atwater are entirely in English - and that is raising eyebrows. We talk to all the players, and open the phone lines.


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Look up!

mars.jpgGet your binoculars ready. During the first two weeks of March, you can see five of our solar system's planets in the night-time sky. Bernie gets all the info you'll need from Montreal astronomer Andrew Fazekas.



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Compensation for Earl Jones victims

mtl-jonesvictims-cp-1028.jpgVictims of disgraced financial advisor Earl Jones will see some of their money again. They reached a settlement today with the Royal Bank of Canada -- $17 million. They were originally asking for $40 million. Bernie speaks with CBC's legal analyst Jordan Charness....and we open the phone lines.


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A virtual visit to Bob's farm


Bob Laberge is a beef and sheep producer in Danville in the Eastern Townships.


FARM PHOTOS 005.jpg 

CBC's Lindsay Michael paid Bob a visit for the 20th anniversary of the Radio NoonFarm Panel.

Here are images and sounds from Bob's farm.

Listen here and check out our photos:

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Bob has lots of surprising animals...







Including this guy... named Figaro.









 But he has many sheep...


In case you've ever wondered what a sheep barn looks like or sounds like... I've included the video at the top of this post. Worth watching. They aren't as quiet as you might think!





It was lambing season during my visit. This little sheep was born hours before I arrived.











 FARM PHOTOS 009.jpg



 This is Bob's friendly dog...









Bob also has many cows on the farm...








Bob has won many awards for showing his animals. This is his office in the farm house.









Collapsing concrete at Olympic Park


No one was injured after a 12x8 metre slab of concrete in an underground parking lot came crashing down. CBC reporter Steve Rukavina has the details.


(Photo: Steve Rukavina/CBC)


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Make bullying a crime?



Thumbnail image for Antibully.jpgA new Angus Reid poll shows that most Canadian adults think bullying should be punishable by law.

In Quebec, the numbers are even higher.

Bernie spoke with Angus Reid's vice-president, a Montreal principal who is the first in the province to have an anti-bullying program at her school...and the phone lines ring off the hook.



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Students protest in the provincial capital


student demo.jpgThousands of students are expected to protest outside the National Assembly in Quebec City. Bernie chats with two CEGEP students - one's in favour of a student strike, one is against...and we open up the phone lines.


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U.S. Primaries



Bernie chats with Radio Noon's Washington correspondent Joyce Napier about the U.S. Republican leadership race. Mitt Romney celebrated victories this week in Michigan and Arizona. Now candidates are gearing up for Super Tuesday.



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